Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend with the Family

TdM time of year. The kids rode once again. They've made it an important tradition to help raise money for the Meers Fire Department. Thanks for all the fun and your support! Teaching them kiddos the importance of life, family and tradition...
 Tanner, Aly, Taylor and Clara
 Monica and Rylee. Notice the Tee shirts. A remake of the 90's tee shirt of Ken holding bass. Pretty special huh?
 Monica, Rylee, Adam and Landon.
 Taylor was a trooper riding a half bike with Aly!

 Beautiful morning for a ride..

 I have the best family ever. I love it when we all come together and have fun making memories~
Ken Cook you are missed dearly, such an adjustment to all of our lives.  I know your smiling down....
And for me.. I'm going to keep grabbing life by the horns!

 Silly Wabbits!

~ grateful~
 To the creek we go, the boys with fishing poles in hand all went in different direction. But towards the water.. following the pull of their roots...

 Happy Days to always reflect on.
 Adam cooking the dawgs!

Aly and Rylee took off one afternoon to go pick blackberries. They were successful and Aly made the BEST BLACKBERRY COBBLER EVER! Ken you missed out~

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Time goes by to fast

 John and Cindy invited us to the THUNDER game which made for a Happy Marti and Happy Tammy Lou!
 Thank you Norma McCaghren for introducing me to Brenda.. The women that made me pillows from Ken's clothes for each of the grandchildren. Feeling so blessed~ Brenda and Billy drove from Arkansas to hand deliver them to me. She said she had a surprise for me and she had made one for me. I know she poured her heart and soul into each one of them. I'm forever grateful and made a friend for life~
Landon and Adam.
The back of Landon's pillow.
Hunter and Holly
The back of Hollys
The back of Rylee's
Taylor's and Clara's. I thought this pic was cute with the cousin chaos and wanting to play.The back of Taylor's 
For Mother's Day Monica invited me up and Adam made us a fabulous breakfast and lunch. My favorite and #1 son-in-law.  Thanks sweetie I loved it!
 Marti had the brilliant idea to remake the 1990 Tee shirt of Ken.. Marti I love it and Love you to the moon~
 My 23 year old cactus that Ken and the boy got for me from a magical place where we camped at. She died and I'm doing my best to try and save what I can of her.
 I finally cut enough off that it wasn't rotten on the inside.
 I planted the top half in my cactus garden.

 The must haves!
 This little bird was building a nest in my wagon wheel when he realized the stick wasn't going to fit. I know the feeling myself!
 Rylee and Holly hanging out on the hammock. This makes the deck a much happier place to be.
 Ry fixing Holly's hair.
 Like father like son. Tanner is filling into his Dad's shoes mighty well. 
Looks like Ken's muddy boot print beside Tanner's shoe.
 =) I'm speechless and happy in the heart~
Picking wild flowers and gathering chiggers. All my girls I love~
 Chuck E Cheeses Baby!
 Clara didn't last long in the scoot along high chair. The look on her face is priceless.
 Happy Girl!
 ClaraLou and HollyKay
 Aly has one cheerleader..
 This little picture is heart felt for me. More then words can express~
Taylor slept with Memaw which I love them sleeping me. I remember sleeping with my grandma.
 Cousin's playing~
 Cheetos Kisses!
 Holly woke up this moring and I ask her what she dreamed about and she said...
Tanner and Pawpaw laughing.. Be still my heart~
=) a touch of love~
Bath time.. legs and elbows.
 Rub-a-dub-dub.. 3 little ones in a tub.
 Rylee playing her violin. While ClaraLou dances in the background.
God I'm so grateful for my grandchildren. Thank you for my beautiful family~
 Holly say's Memaw..Take my picture, of me and my friend. So I did!
Look Tanner we're brushing our teeth...With BATH WATER!