Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Everything Happy Always 2013 Christmas~

 The girls weren't expecting to have two tons of feed to load into feeders while they were home. But our girls have the muscles to do about anything on the ranch~
 Aunt Aly and Uncle Tanner gave Rylee a fawn necklace for Christmas~
                                                   ((((( PRESENTS)))))

 Jason and Rylee got Pawpaw a wireless remote BGE thermometer
 CANDY from Aunt Aly~ YUmmmmm!
Water bottle. Everybody needs more water bottles.
The THUNDER cap that Brandy made for me and I LOVE IT!
 Another Brandy gift. She made this beautiful wreath!
Jason's NFL Team.
 Rib rack for his BGE!
 She did the happy dance!!!
 Pawpaw tuning it up!
Landon put his guitar next to Rylee's =)
 Making Christmas Cookies!!!!
We had fun making cookies.
Cheese Memaw!
We had the entire fam decorating too!
Cookie decorating contest.

We ate a few too!
There's a winner in there somewhere, but we ate it.

This ice is not nice.
ice baby ice!

Had me grinning to see Rylee so happy!
Uncle Jason found himself a buddy!
He followed Rylee's every footstep.
Smile worthy!

Good Morning Christmas Eve~

All the ice had its own beauty!

Landon with his ginger bread headband
Joe and Taylor

Our Christmas with Joe and Serena
Featuring food and fun.
Drinks too.
Monica took this picture of Landon's play house

Everyone having fun opening presents.
Aly made Marti/Holly a Christmas ornament it was so cute.

Serena was liking birds this year. (( Who ))
Angie made all the girls chalkboard paintings for Christmas. Monica loved hers.
Landon giving Joe a helping hand.
Taylor loving his big truck
Holly was enjoying the evening too. Aly got to feel her~
Serena has written her 20th book about our families. What an amazing night!
I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life. Serena does an amazing job creating this beautiful book. Every page is a piece of art. She asked each of the family members to write something about where they saw themselves in 20 years. It was great!
Kuja was tired!

My babies!
Pull Taylor pull!

More ice.

Had enough ice.
Mox, the boys and I went for an icy walk.

They were having so much fun breaking the ice and eating it.
Grass and all.

Poo Poo!!!!!

We were yelling (((( Echo )))) and laughing!
I love this picture!! It makes me so happy!
Mox Mox, you are the best dog!
Eyeballing and yelling buffalo poo poo!
My heart~
It was a new, icy world to the boys.

Oh what fun we had playing!

Girls getting "farmfit".

When I take them for a box ride.We go thru all Pawpaw's animals. What is this? What is that?
Butter explosion!
What beautiful and sassy cooks we have here!
Adam's turn to pull for a while!

Alyson's homemade cinnamon rolls with the help for Monica.
I loved hearing my girls cooking, laughing and just having fun in the kitchen.
Watching Polar Express in Pawpaw and Memaw's bed.
Snuggle bug~
Landon loving on Pawpaw
Taylor just thought he wanted to sit still.
Yep, they can cook!
Uncle Hunter playing with the boys!
Our Christmas dinner was ribs.
Waiting for Taylor to wake up!
He looks really PROUD!
So blessed so grateful~
Hanging out waiting for TK to wake up!
Bet he wakes up earlier next year.
Christmas at the Cooks house is a  "Christmas Vacation" must see!
Yea!!! He's awake!

Life is good!

My heart is full~

Toy overload.

Marti's chalkboard~She loved it Angie!
In the box that was labeled "Ken don't let her open until Christmas" This is what my friend Di got me.. Just beautiful. Love you !

Shoot-em up stuff.

Ken surprised me with a Tanzanite ring. We hardly ever buy for each other and I was totally shocked. Shotgun shells yea! But a ring??? Wow I really am good!! =)
We had to send Hunter on a short scavenger hunt for one of his Christmas presents.
He was very happy. It was a gun safe.
One very happy chicken lover!!!!!! I'm pretty sure she's still grinning!
See, still grinning!

Boys must play!
Jason got Ken a wireless remote themometer. Yea it was nice on the icy mornings.
Playing is what we do best!

I see Taylor in the snow globe!
Chocolate football!!! I love football
Christmas morning hair.
Kimber loving on Momma ~

Marti got her hippopotamus this Christmas.

We are so blessed. I'm grateful beyond words. My heart is full~