Thursday, November 28, 2013

ThanksGiving~ so Thankful, so Blessed~

 Yeah! We did!
 Hunter and Marti hosted one of our two Thanksgiving dinners and she had some mighty fine helpers. =)
 Rylee helping Aunt Marti fix dressing~ It was Mmmm good!
 Stinker! He loves playing ball of any kind!
 Uncle Jason was showing him how it's done. Giggles too!
 Momma gobbling her up some lovin.. =)
 Assembly line making the dressing. Rylee, Brandy and Marti..
 Pawpaw loves this baby girl!. And there's one more baby girl on the way!! Hurray!
 That face!
 Kimber looks like she having a nice conversation with Rylee.. =)
 Them Cook boys are all handsome!
 It's the little black nose between TK and Ry that doesn't want to be left out!
 Dad teaching Ry how to throw a football.. and she catches on quickly!
 I like them SHOES!!!!!!
 Grrrrreat picture! Love them smiles!
 Hunter has a lot to grin about! ;)
 Eating turkey, drinking turkey and wearing turkey!!
This turkey has a lot to gobble about!
 If you haven't heard we have a name for baby girl~
  Holly Kay Cook! Life is good in this neighborhood!
 Have I told you lately how much I love you 2!
 Brandy, Jason and Rylee,  bellies are full and getting ready to go THUNDER UP!
 My heart smiles when I look around. Each of you have touched my heart in one way or another. I'm so blessed, so grateful. When I think about how our paths have brought us all together I just look up and smile~
 and I fall a sleep grinning. ~Thank you God~
 Hah! caught him snoozing! Good job Marti! ya got 'em!
 Cheese Memaw!
 We're talking baby!
 Thanksgiving dinner # 2 at Adam's and Monica's house. I get so excited this time of year because of all the time I get to spend with our kiddos.  I feel like a kid at Christmas. I'll get up early just to be with you...and it's hard to sleep when I know my days are spent with you..playing and laughing making memories.  I love you!! We leave to go home and I smile for days!!!!!
 LOve them boys so much!
 Aly made Oreo turkey cookies  So cute!
 Tanner and Aly have several more days to celebrate with Aly's parents coming in today.. =)
 Terri and Aly having a nice visit! Love seeing and visiting with Serena's parents. Terry and Bill!
 My birthday cake Serena made for me.. It was SO GOOD!!!!!! Love you sister!
 Joe is filling his plate with all the wonderful food~
 Told ya~
 Serena and her Dad.. We are so blessed with family!
 Handsome guys!
 Pawpaw has his arms wrapped around this little man. Who will repeat EVERYTHING you say.. Good lord love them Grandbabies.
 Yumm Mom's oreos are the yummiest!
Hey pawpaw; you're missing the other half of your glasses.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Deer hunting~ 'Tis the season~

Ken left here Friday at 12:00 noon. Snow and sleet was coming down!
 Headed NW to Cheyenne, Oklahoma to the Black Kettle Grasslands to do some deer hunting with one of his boys, Tanner and friend Kevin.
For many years the boys would hunt in the cold weather day after day watching Dear Ole Dad time after time shoot from far off distances and see deer go down with amazement in their eyes. Well this time, it was Tanner's turn!! Early morning. First day of the hunt T is perched on the side of a hill. 310 yards away is a Buck in his crosshairs. BOOM! Down he goes!!! Smiles and high fives were in order! Good job Tanner! 
Meat in the freezer and a very proud Dad.
With help from Kevin they're dragging the deer back to the camp. It was a long drag uphill all the way of course.
After hanging Tanner's buck at camp, out they went again. They did a little deer push and a big doe made the mistake of coming out on Dad's side. She ran towards the road, so he put her down, running a 100 miles an hour (the deer, not Ken). At least that's what he said and Kevin vouched for the shot.  We do like eating venison. Next morning, this is the view from Ken's hill.With snow coming down at the Black Kettle and in Meers, the boys thought they'd better head home.  Ken said he could only drive 35 miles a hour for the last 50 miles or so. Thanks goodness everyone made it home safe and sound.
Knocking the ice off the camper so he could plug it in.
 It was thick on the truck!

Now to disconnect from the truck! So happy that the boys were able to make some  deer camp memories and have some fun card games.. =)