Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She makes me laugh everyday:)

With her big behind hanging off the couch and making me laugh. From inside the camper Ali watches a squirrel that taunts her. Grrrr!

Sheila, Ken, Me, and Alan

Abby and Ali ready to go play..
Friends/Family stopped by to visit. Great to see y'all! Ken will be writing a story later about the friendship he and Alan share.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jordan, Beau, Hunter,and Tanner

Jordan and Beau this is for you!! Memories in the making .
Hot dogs,swimming and camping on Medicine Creek.

Zorro and Ali

I've put old pictures of all the fam, so here's a few of Ali and one of our pet raccoons. Enjoy

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Floating the King's River

Floating the King's River with JD Fletcher was always something we did for a week during most summers . We would catch smallmouth, rock bass and camp on the river's edge. We got rained on, plenty sunburned, stayed hungry, made memories and had fun.
I love them boys, all of 'em:)

Back in the day

Each picture is a BassMaster Classic. Back in the day when you made the classic, one night was a theme night. It was fun. These were a few of our costumes.

Trying to make it to the dock.

He sees me, he smiles, but he's not shining. We have been doing this for 27 years and I can read his posture most times. It still frustrates him, then I see the pain move through his body like a dark storm moving across the lake. Tomorrow will be brighter he will lick his wounds, readjust his thoughts, then Ali and I will get him to laugh. We'll pack up the ranch and roll on down the highway.

Finished and looking PRETTY sweet!

I've learned a lot this week from Kerry. She knows what she is doing for sure.

We're tackling the pickup next.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dardenelle last day of practice

Getting tackle ready for tomorrow.

Progress made today

Progress was made today. But not finished yet.

Wait and see:)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Typewriter DING! or Round and Round

How do you eat your corn?

Ken eats his corn as if he were a typewriter. DING! At the end of each neatly plucked row, he starts a new one, again neatly plucked! Now as our boys were growing up this conversation was brought up and LAUGHED about many times. "So they can admit to their own corn eating style".
Now me, and I will say, "Once I start gnawing on my corn it just seems natural to go round and round where all your rows are mushed together."

So really,, How do you eat your corn?

Our other PASSION

In the spring Ken and I spend a lot of time in the woods. We will walk for miles and miles to find those ivory tips shining through the grass.
This is what I absolutely love to do.

Me and my SideKick

So Happy Together :)

A well deserved Spring Break!


A well deserved Spring Break

The fam came home for a few days during spring break 2009. It was much deserved too I might add. Hunter has been spending countless hours studying in the library. He is taking classes like Neuro –Anatomy, Medical Physiology, and Micro-Biology. WOW!! See I told you, DESERVED BREAK.

Marti, Hunter’s fiance is getting her degree in Elementary Ed and taking summer school to graduate in December. That's dedication, WOW!!

Tanner, who is in Dental School, is spending more than half his life at the Library too. He is taking ridiculous classes like Histology and Neuro-Anatomy, But Tanner’s pretty LUCKY because his new bride Alyson is spending lots of time in the same boat. She is finishing up her first year in Dental Hygiene School as well. GO ALY!!!!

I am so PROUD of my family!! I GRIN so big when I think of 'em:)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mom,,Dad I love you!

Ken and the boys...
And the boys with my Mom and Dad...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our boat is full of flower pots and cactus:)

Kim,,we sure did have a good time. Thanks for showing me the cactus. This is one of many beautiful cacti that live in Del Rio.
I think we need a new shovel:)

Bunny do you see Ali?

Wishful thinking,,,,she is very very sneaky.

A BIG THANKS to the Marshals

Terry was one of the BASS Elite Marshals who fished with Ken. Because of the presence of the Marshals, we have a more level playing field for the competition. Thanks for sharing our boats with us.Cook waiting in line to weigh his fish. He finished in 36th place.

We are living the dream.

Many moons ago...

Ken and Jason..
We were at Pine Bluff pre-practicing for a classic. I love the sunglasses:)

Blast from the Past

Hunter and Tanner fishing Medicine Creek. When we weren't traveling with Ken we were on the creek camping and playing.
This creek is like the blood in my veins,,,it will always flow through me:)

Look at the Flag

First day. Ken weighs a 7-15. You go baby!!!!

Cold and windy. And now it's raining....Brrrrrrr!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Luck Baby:)

We LOVE you:)


Hunter and Tanner deciding who's going to show Dad the frog.

27 years ago

Twenty seven years ago this is where it all started. On our honeymoon fishing a BASS tournament on Lake Kissimmee; and he WON:) I think I like this:) Four months later we quit our jobs. My parents thought: YOU'RE CRAZY!!!! And we are
crazy,, in love with each other twenty seven years later:) that's worth a smile:)

Pouring Down RAIN!!!!!

GeEEEEz!! It is POURING down rain right now. K is inside camper working on his tackle. Thank goodness its big enough.
And Ali is having doggie dreams and staying out of the way....

Boat Wrap

Ken's 1991 Classic Win photo...Victory lap:) Oh, that's my hand too.
And this is Ken's 09 Boat Wrap...Living the DREAM:)

Look out Laredo here we come..

What a fun road trip!!! Six hours of driving two hours of shopping. Kim's truck was loaded to the top and the hatch tied with shoe strings. Kerry holding a flower pot in her lap and Saint Frances squashed in next to me. WOO WHOOO!! Happy Girls coming home from Laredo.