Monday, June 29, 2015

Marti and Holly came to play

Blue eyes and blue icy.
 We are off to a wedding shower.
 Emily and Raymond came for a visit and Wyatt and Holly had fun playing.
Our future drivers.
 We had to take Momma to the creek because that is where Memaw loves to go.

 Moxy wants the fish more than Holly.
 See ya later guys!
 I have fun watching the dogs play. They love it too!

 PawPaw is right where he wants to be!

Brown-eyed-Susan for our blued eyed girls.  Sure had fun with my girls~~

 That's my girl holding a grasshopper!
 Yeah! I'm not ready to stop!
I love my life~

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I Love My Life ~

These past few days, I have been rich enough.

 I watch our grandkids play and hear their little giggles sing thru the breeze.
 We eat from the ranch home grown bison burgers for dinner.

Swim in the creek filled with cool clean water. Catch frogs, fish and play in the sand.

Watch the dawn start its glowing rise at 5:30AM shining across our mountains as if saying good morning to our day.

Run my dog Moxy through wildflowers and watch her play in the creek, chase sticks and roll in the sand.

Watching Pawpaw's face light up as he takes the kids to the blackberry patch. Eating blackberries warm from the vine. Seeing little faces light up and grin. Yeah I'm rich and in love with life.

I feel that I am rich with the things that matter..
I am rich.  I am rich enough
Maybe, we always have enough, even when we don’t believe we do.
 Holly is an official knot head. She tripped over Memaw's bag.
 Moxy is smelling her down to see which baby is here to play.
 Everything has a time and a season.
 Holly's little hand has grown..
 Feeding the gobble gobble.
 Taylor, Clara and Holly.

 We went to the creek to play. My favorite time!
 If I look happy, it's because I am!
 Pure joy!

 Be still my heart~

 She loves playing in the water too.
 Dinner time for Clara~
 Memaw, I love the creek.. Me too TK~ Me too~
 So whatcha want to do now?
 My heart is full~
 She loved riding the horsey.

 Watching Pawpaw's face light up as he takes the kids to the blackberry patch. Eating blackberries warm from the vine. Childhood memories flood my mind. To see little faces light up and grin. Yeah I'm rich in love with life.

 E I E I O...
 Just had an icy. IT WAS SO MESSY!  I MEAN GOOD!
 Go ahead call me adorable!
 Vera came for a visit with her Mommy too.. We had a lot of fun.
 Hat! or crochet basket. 
 The best part of growing up!
 Is playing at the creek.

 Clara and Vera.
 Best of friends since childhood.
 She starts shaking her hands and thinks it's so funny!
 A cookie in the hand is better than Pawpaw having all the cookies.
 Baby talk. Let's play ball!
 A leaf identification lesson.
 Kick them feet Taylor!
Don't you just hate when you face plant in the sand.. Nope she didn't mind at all.
 Building a castle garage for his monster truck.
 If you're going with me you'd better move it Memaw..
 Rich in love with life and color.
 She took me to the "favorite rock".

 She looks so big here! growing way too fast..
She loves her Mox-Mox~
 Night Night in the little bit bigger bed.
 Back to the creek we go!
 Rich and in love with you!
 it's times like this I live for and cherish..
 She loved playing in the sand!
 That first touch. The only one that makes the difference.
 I am grateful. My heart is full. I am rich.
 Swing swing!
 Giggle giggle!
She loves to ring the bell
 Pawpaw with his baby girls! What a rich man~
 Who wants down first?
 All boys!
 Boys night out!
 You ever feel like this?
 Walking thru the wildflowers~Face full of flowers.