Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dr. Hunter Cook Graduating Residency

 Hunter and Marti are off to celebrate.

 We all came together to celebrate and honor Hunter and his accomplishments. I'm so proud of you son.
 David and Karen~

 Karen and Brandy.
 Jason and Brandy.

 Tanner got Hunter a hammock for graduation. I think they like it!
 Monica with her brothers.

 Daddy's girl~
In my happy place~ Me and my 3 sons...
Monica and Adam~

Thursday, June 16, 2016

California here we come!

We were packed!

Water was COLD!
Dixie and Thor
 John face time Thor.. Funny stuff!
 Nacni's sweetheart Lotta Love.
 Cha-Cha brings home the Ribbons!
 Taylor and Cha-Cha.
 Tiffany and Cha-Cha

Alex, Nanci's big golden.
I had such a great two weeks. I learned so much about Flat Coated Retrievers. Those who own them and work with them, love them passionately.  Tiffany and Taylor  taught me that showing dogs isn't easy work.. But then again it's not work if you love what you're doing.
 So proud of Beacon's God of Thunder "Thor" for winning the open dog class at the national specialty today under Douglas Johnson. A very Special day spent with a very special dog with an incredible fan club. Team Thor.
 Cha-Cha's won Best of Opposite Sex.

Seeing all the different breeds at Woofstock was an experience. I have a better understanding about an all breed dog show.

Hanging out with Cindy was a ball. She kept me laughing and never a dull moment. I met her friend Nanci who took on a tour of LA. We stayed with her for a couple of nights. Then we all left for the show.
Dog people are good people!

These past 5 months have been crazy for me. I've had to reach down deep to find strength. Being around those who make me laugh, and allow me to cry it's you I'm grateful for. I promise to keep pushing thru this pain and learning a long the way. We have many more adventures to explore. 
Love to you all!