Sunday, February 27, 2011

Playing with George and Angie

Angie found a horseshoe right off the bat. Lucky girl...:)
Our first day finds in about three hours...:) Angie and I could do this ALL DAY LONG...:)
Here we are all smiles..:)
Ken eyes looking in the dirt....:)

Playing can be hard work,,,but it sure is fun...:)
George took us to an old house place, here you can see the cellar has caved in.
Humm?? what came first??
This was what Ken and I found in about three hours.
This is what Angie found along with some golf balls...:)
Beau surprised us with a visit...:) Love you Beau..:)
We went to the flea market in Nashville yesterday and I found this awesome doctor's bag for Hunter. Pretty dang cool!! Was told it's over 100 years old.
Kerry was wanting a steamer trunk and we found this for her... Again pretty cool!
The bottom of Hunter's bag reads "Genuine Walrus". Along with some numbers which I don't know what they mean.
Angie looking in the dirt....:)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Venice LA. & Red Fishing

Scales of a Red Fish....Beautiful color....:)

This is one crazy looking fish. It's a Flounder. Both eyes are on one side and he's got some pretty sharp choppers too
Ken's biggest Red fish weighed 12.8. Good one sweetie!
And here's mine. We didn't weigh him for some reason??? Maybe because he was BIGGER!!!!
Our second day out we went down the Mississippi about 30 miles. It was FOGGY too. At times you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Then you'd hear the BIG SHIPS' HORNS BLOW...very scary for me. Then when you'd hit the fog it would feel like ice, freezing cold.
On our way back that afternoon we hit the ship waves and Moxy went airborne a few times she DID NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL... After that I couldn't pull her out from under my feet. Poor baby. Of course Ken thought it was funny...Me, not so much...Let's put it this way we didn't go back...
This is one of the small ships going up river.
Hap Hap Happy!!!
Red fish have spots on them, some would have two or three spots, most only had one.
Moxy would get so excited when we'd catch a fish.
Ken's flounder. This is the side that lays on the bottom, real white looking.
This is the side that has everything,
If you notice in this picture Moxy is soaking wet. Ken had a red on and Moxy got so excited that she stumbled over the side of the boat. She started swimming towards the fish and I called her back to the boat....Goofy girl...:)
This is another type of drum,, I'll just call it a Zebra Drum...:)
The Reds were eating the baits...
Ken's Red....
The edge of this grass is where we caught most of the reds.
Sun going down in Venice... Thanks Venice you've been good to us...:)
We took a walk up on the levee. You can still see the damage from Katrina as you look around.. Very humbling.
Loading up and getting ready to head out in the morning..
This is a survival pod. I saw them on ships when we were in the river and from where I was sitting they looked like a jelly bean to me. They have one here where we're staying so I took a picture of it. It's a lot bigger than what I thought.

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Orleans

We are all in New Orleans for Ken's induction to the BASS FISHING HALL OF FAME. It was a short trip but one that will be remembered.
Cajun food!

Hunter and Marti arriving.
New Orleans!!!!
To the outdoor show we go. Tanner and Aly anxious to get started..:)
Ken just thought he was incognito by not having a tournament shirt on. Autographs he signed..:)
Marti and the King has the same color eyes....
Tanner showing off his beads...:)
Here we stand at the BassMaster Classic 2011...:)
Byron one of the"Bachelors" from the hit show "The Bachelors" was all smiles..:)
Marti standing with Byron.
Hunter and Marti just before we go down to celebrate Dad's induction.
Here we are all dressed up...:) You make us PROUD Ken..:)
Looking out at the mighty Mississippi from our window.
We walked everywhere. Ken got plenty of exercise for his new knee.
Aly and I sitting Cafe de la Monde.
Here we are eating our benets.
Hunter and Marti enjoying the yummy Benet.
Jim spoiled Aly by finding her twislers and diet dr pepper which made for a very happy Aly...;)
Cook books for witches...:)
loading on the trolley.
Standing in the fog, Joe and Serena were happy to be with the family...:)
Monica and Adam..:)

A party family:)
Bourbon Street, New Orleans

I saw this little old dog in his own bed and thought how sweet...:)

A couple getting married.

Serena and her mask..:)

Playing music with his head buried in the bucket.
Ken and Adam waiting..
The crowd.