Friday, April 24, 2015

I Got To See My Buddy

 Our hike we went on..
 Kevin trying to get a hummingbird to land on his finger.
 This makes me happy to see him resting in the hammock.
 Little suckers.
 On top of Mt.Scott.
 Ken, Kerry and Kevin.
 Getting ready to go have a bite to eat in Medicine Park.
 Boys will be boys climbing around on the rocks.
 It's all about the duck!
 Roadrunner pecking on my kitchen window.
I think he is eyeballing my hummingbirds.

 Yumm! I love my pickles that Di sent us for Christmas. I did share with Kevin and Kerry.
 Cacti are starting to bloom.
 My sidekicks for the day!
Enjoying the sunshine.
My new bracelet from Kerry. Feeling so very blessed~ I do like turquoises and coral!      Love you Short!

Monday, April 20, 2015

We had Holly Kay while Dad and Mom went to play.

 Pawpaw come push me PLEeease!
 I'm pretty sure I'll be framing this one! ;)
 I'm sure I can do a better job if you'll just let me Memaw! Playing in the rain and mud!
 Oh! So this is what the birdbath is for?
 Wait for it!
 Our mornings went like this. Diaper change, Milk (never finished it) walks to the front door.. the next picture explains it.
 Wait, we have to get your shoes on and a jacket..Hah! 
She's gone!
 What we would see along the way.

The elk was always her favorite. The bugling would start and she'd bugle all the way home.. Love this baby girl!
 She would tell Kimber to GO!
 Memaw brought out her inner tomboy. ;)
 Yay dirt! Oh, the ruff feeling of dirt and gravel between my fingers!
 Be proud Mom and Dad I was able to get my britches real dirty..
 Nothing like playing all day sitting in my rocker and eating carrots. Lovin' the life!
 Reading stories to MoxMox. Stay focused Mox I'm getting to the good part!
 Double P's. Popcorn and Pawpaw!
 Taken with my cell phone! Good Lord I love my Life!
 She wakes up so happy Pawpaw too!
 Very busy..
 My future hiking buddy. ;)
 Tough footed too!
 Memaw thought it would be okay if I wore my pj top with my overalls.
 Another day, another ride a lot of bugling and loads of laughing!
 Visitors Center Baby! Yeah I can reach the buttons!
 Yep we be having fun! PUSHING BUTTONS!
 Touch and feel!

 Memaw bought me a new tee shirt too. It has a buffalo on it.
 100% cute!
 We wore Kimber plum out!
Doing her yoga! Yeah she was watching me..hehehehe
 Humm, Hey!!! I can fit in this!
Moxy you need to take this ball of yours.
Pick it up Mox!
 Playing with my baby until the Sonic commercial comes on. Really!!! Of all the commercials it has to be the Sonic commercials that stop you in your tracks?
 I'm cute and adorable! I've also learned how to say Meme. Still working on the (Maw) part. Rylee named me Memom which later became Memaw. because she couldn't say Meme.. For now I'm tickled with Meme.
 Give me some room and I will go!
Jakes BBQ was the meeting place to make the baby exchange. Grandpa and KK get to play with Holly Kay. Oh what fun you'll have! xoxox