Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas 2014

Raven, Raven, look where we are.
Look back, look back, at just how far.

Our lives are not changing as fast as they were.
For now we have more time to look up and conquer

Our spirits they soar to our little ones’ door.
Hoping they can come out to play.
Grabbing their bags
While holding them tight.
Making fun plans all through the night.

Our playgrounds are filled with trucks and cars
 Now we’ll be adding Barbie dolls.

Playing in the cabin.  Getting sand in our shoes,
I’m hot and sweaty? Yeah me too!

I want ice cream, to cool me down
Then we’ll have tea in the tree house and zip line to the ground.

Rylee, Clara, Landon, Taylor, and Holly with smiles that shine all around.
We have fish to feed,
Creeks to swim,
Along with our shadows following them

Our dogs will follow sometimes knocking us down.
They are our protectors from the snakes on the ground.

We’ll teach you to climb our favorite rock,  
We’ll look at our mountains and then hike to the top.

We may be slow, with our get up and go.
Just give us 10..We’ll make it by then.

Oh Tarbone, Oh Tarbone, as we lay under the stars
The stories are told with giggles from afar.

This is where we started so long ago
Embers around the campfire still aglow

 Oh Raven, Oh Raven, look where we are
Our hearts are young. Our spirits still soar.

2014 Raven and MyTam~

 Raven and Mytam book 20014.
 The book Serena made for me! I'm so blessed with friends. Raven and MyTam~
 I always get so emotional during our pre~Christmas book reading. All the hours, her heart and soul poured into this beautiful labor of love. Book 21.. Thank you Serena~
 My hiking buddies!
 Zip line with Dad!
 Clara Lou asleep in my arms~ oxoxxo
 Hold on Landon..Uncle Tanner giving him a ride!
Angie made me this beautiful table runner..She knows me all too well! I love it!
Ready for my family!
BGE-ham!!! Yummmm

Christmas Pretties!

The love of my life!

Holly Kay is the smile of the day!

Marti and Hunter making Divinity. It was fabuloso!

Taylor showing Holly all about hot wheels..;)
Aly and Taylor getting warm by the fireplace.
This is how you do it!
Pretty happy to have my girls with me.
The Cook Clan all together!
Moxy has dibs on the beanbag!
Brought chairs up from the cabin to have a little more seating.
Holly likes her chair that Great Uncle Keith made.

Thank you hugs!
Dad playing with TK toys. oxoxox
A lot to smile about!

My sugar booger!
Brandy is all smiles!
Hunter too!
Marti seems pretty HaPpY!
Jason and Brandy managed to find me a stool and refinish it.. I love it!!!
Pawpaw is proud that Rylee wanted a bow!
So we got her a Mathews. She wanted blue, so blue it is.
see I told you! Grinning!
How does it work dad?
Rylee found the perfect earrings for Aunt Aly.
Rylee made me this mask.. TK and I got to show off our masks! Awesome to the max-a- million!
Cutting board with TR logo.
Girls painting their hair..

Ninja Turtle Peace~
Oh yeah! Painted hair looks good!
Nighty night  hugs!
Smile Worthy!
Santie Clause came!
Bug for my bug!

Mox and Holly!
Here comes two more peaking around the corner.

I love them happy faces!

You'll always have one! ;) Cracks me up!
Oh wait!!! SCORE! My heart...all of it!
Stocking bag!
Pawpaw you have me grinning! xooxxo
I can do this!
C A N D Y !!!!!!!!!
Tanner, Aly, Taylor Ken and Clara Lou.... Merry Christmas~
Tee Hee! Is that not a sweet smile!
Polish! She has a lot of finger nail polish!
Oh!!!! You look like my Daddy?? oxox
With Brady's glitter + Clara Lou = A Love spell!
Teepee party under the moon! Uncle Adam made TK a teepee!
Sweet baby love!
Pawpaw is under the spell as well!
And now you are!!!!!
Double dose of Christmas cuteness!
Round two! Serena and Joe. Monica, Adam and Landon!

Pawpaw; we love it when you cook on the BGE!
Nut Cracker fisherman from Monica!
Teacher teacher!

Monica took some amazing pictures of Landon! Now I have them framed and ready to hang!!!

Texas cutting board! T and A have moved to Amarillo.

Rylee has both of her Uncles' attention.. LOL
Uncle Adam has both boys attention!
Love spell!
This makes me laugh and I love it so much it will be framed! oxoxoxoxox
Daddy's girl!
Holly is watching Captain thru the dirty window!
My bff!
I love my puppy dog so much! Rylee thought she needed a bow!
Father and son! Happy Happy!
Even more happy....eating chocolate..
Christmas girls in ruffles and bows!
Yeah, hurry up Mom!
My book and Besty!! Love you sister!

Yeah, my eyes are leaking about now!!
Love my family!
Time to hunt coyotes!
Giving Clara Lou a bath in the kitchen sink. Now I have pictures of all them getting baths in the kitchen sink. ;)
Making MORE Christmas cookies with Taylor..Need them memories with my babies!
Gingerbread love
Shooting his gun with Dad!
Making more memories!

Best Christmas cookies!
Happy Happy and in love~  Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night! 2014