Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kids are home and playing in the snow

Tanner kicking the water out of his snowman

Ken running the buffalo away from the house....
Mine and Ali's snowsomething....:)
The family having a snowman contest.
Hunter and Marti's snowman with a baby penguin at the bottom...ahhh
I caught the elk munching on my pine cone filled with peanut butter and bird seed. BUSTED!
Sunrise at Tarbone Ranch...Tanner and Aly's snowman looking happy..

The girls are playing Wii.
Hunter and Marti destroying Mr. Snowman.
That's a tackle.

We are butchering the buffalo..
Aly was a real trooper she got right in there.
Ken and Hunter playing Wii.
Even I played and laughed with the Wii....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

09 Christmas at the Cook's

Aly talking on the phone to one of her friends whom just got engaged. Very happy new..:)
Rylee helped her Aunt Alyson bake pecan pies....Yummy!
Which made pawpaw very very happy.

For Christmas Hunter and Marti got us a warm blanket with the Tarbone Ranch symbol embroidered on it... So Cool
Ken's famous fried turkey... Always a big hit at Christmas. So Good!!!!!!!!
Christmas Eve we lost power at 7:30 am and the snow fell. I thawed out Chili beside the fireplace for lunch. At 5:30 before it got dark I found my oil lamps, Ken filled them up, got them lit,, and at 6:00 pm the electric came on....YEA!! See that was all it took.. Get the oil lamps out..:)
Cooking the turkey..
Captain was caught looking under the Christmas tree.
Hunter got an remote control helicopter and was showing Jason how to drive it.
Marti opening her Christmas gifts.
Marti bought Hunter a neat picture frame with a beautiful picture of themselves.
Kids out playing in the snow.
Dressing warm and protecting the eyes was very important. Hunter and Aly showing there dorkyness...:)

Ali's eyes told me her hips hurt... I love my dog!!!!
Marti and Aly all smiles.

Wipe Out.....
Speed racer.....


Rylee putting on lip gloss.
Helping Aunt Aly fix pecan pies. While STILL dressed in her Cinderella dress.
More Fun..
Ali wishing she could go play with the kids.

Tanner and Aly watching it snow...Tanner still in his lounge pants........:)
Elk came to the house looking for something to eat..
Tanner, Aly and Captain playing the snow..
Aunt Alyson painting Rylee's toenail to look like candy canes. Rylee loved it.
Another princess dress,,and I should know her name but don't...
Snow White and a beautiful one at that.
high heels too.
Aly and Tanner pretty happy about what Santa brought them.
Rylee showing her daddy she is a princess.

Snow drift on the porch.
Jason and Rylee happy with what Santa brought to them..
With the power outage poker was in progress.
The girls making pretty pictures.
A bird trying to get out of the snow ended up sitting on Ken's gun stock.
Kerry sent me pine cones covered in peanut butter and bird seed they loved it.
Christmas on Tarbone Ranch... Blessed that the family was all together........
I love my life.... I love my family......:)