Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Week With Our Grandbabies

Hiding and finding Easter eggs!

Yep!  You read it right we are going to have another Grandbaby to spoil!
Jenny Perry you make me laugh! You're so BAD!!

Ken giving a few lessons.
Much ammo was spent having fun.

Jason having a little fun shooting!
H and T shooting clays.

Play day with the family shooting guns and hiding Easter eggs.. Very Thankful~

Monica, Landon and Adam~
Hunter and Rylee flying kites!
Monica filling her tank with baby love!
Now, she's getting some Holly Kay snuggles.
Kevin and Ava. Kids are wearing down.
A beautiful day to fly kites..
Hunter, Marti and Holly in her cute little Easter dress!
Rylee, Jason and Brandy~

Memaw with her girls~
All of our Grandkids together.. A very special moment for us!
Handsome Cook Boys!
Easter eggs to find!

Ava and Celeste.
Moxy on Baby watch!
Buffalo paid us a visit.
Aly woke up and made pancakes for everyone. The kids pancakes looked like bunnies!
Turkey calling!
This is why we live in the country! Little boys get to pee off the deck!

Aly being quite clever once again. Putting a little note inside an Easter egg.
Yes, one more on the the way!! Due in Nov. Exciting times ahead!
Monica showing what was in her Easter egg.
And making sure everyone new it was not her but Aly!
Happy Dance all around!

MMMM! Worms in dirt.
This is what makes me the most happiest!



Bunny Cakes! Monica made 'em !

Coloring eggs! And fingers.

Fishing with Pawpaw!

Stinky worms

Mine and Holly's toes! Make me smile~ =)
I put Kimber on Baby Watch!
Hunter's fire pit finished. Looks AWESOME son! A few Meers rocks too!
Rattle Snake Festival! Spells out FUN!!!!
Adam eating rattle snake!

Monica showing she can do it!
Adam too!

 I can't help but think of my Mom when I see Irises blooming~

Pawpaw and Landon helping with the shopping for the weekend.
This is how I feel... HaPpY!! ;)