Sunday, September 28, 2014

Landon turns 3

 MeMaw and LandO.. He keeps us laughing!
 Monica and Adam ~ AKA Mom and Dad, have a lot to be PROUD of..
 Landon was so excited about his Birthday Party at Grammy and Papa's house!! It was fun for everyone.. ;)
 Holly Kay kicked back in Pawpaw's lap.
 Pinata Filled with CANDY!!!! Hmmm, lotsa dinosaurs here.
 This little guy has a good life..
 Just a swinging.... ;)
 Lodge and Play Ground complete!
 Auntie M helping out TK with his gift bag.

 Girls chillin!
 Landon helped Mom with his Birthday Cake!!! He LOVED it!!!!
 Happy Birthday to you! Dinosaur again.

 Hunter, Holly and Marti!
 Opening presents; the best part!

 Grammy and Papa got him a Red Viper! It took him maybe 5 min. to figure out how to drive it!
 Away they go!
 Aly pregnant, due Nov. 17 was just trying to get comfy..Clara rolling around in her belly was enjoying the party too.. ;)
 It's easy to jump start this pic to age 16 withTK and LandO driving around together..
Working on a puzzle with Pawpaw.
 Landan got a home made welcoming book from his other Grandpa and Grandma for everyone who comes visit his lodge to sign.
Life is good for this little guy and loved by so many!!  ;) Happy 3 Buddy!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby Shower for Aly and Baby Clara

 Monica hosted the Baby Shower. It was BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks Auntie M and Grammy Serena for making everything look so special. ;)
 Enjoy all the pretty and cuteness!

Holly has her eyes locked on Rylee. ;)
 Rylee and Holly~ Our two Granddaughters with one more due in Nov.
 Momma Marti and Holly Kay~
 Holly seems anxious for cousin Clara to arrive.
 All Clara's presents!
 Karen makes a quilt for the ones she loves. Clara qualified with flying colors~

 Marti, Holly, Aly and Monica

 I'm not going to go into all the names. other than saying it's family.

 friendships are such a treasure.

 In case you didn't figure it out.. Aly's Momma, Becky. ;)

We are all anxious for the arrival of Clara~ She's already a pretty big deal!