Monday, December 26, 2011

Cook Clan Christmas

I give you fair warning my blog is long, I'm a bit long winded, and love my life..
 Pawpaw, Rylee, Memaw, Taylor Ken, & Tanner.. What a wonderful time of the year!!
 Rylee and her little cousin Taylor Ken... $$ + happy girl = baby sitting
Ry putting makeup on in our bedroom.. Love it!
 Kids home = Happy Pawpaw & Memaw
 Let the cooking begin!!
 Our bull elk have been so bad.. When we were in Mo. getting hay, Allen gave Ken Styrofoam to shoot broadheads into because ours burned up in the fire.  Well our stinkin' elk thinks it's fun to run antlers into it. Then when we left on Friday, we drove up to the barn to pick up some stuff and the water was running everywhere.. The elk had wiggled their way into the barn to eat the hay and on the way out their antlers kicked the water faucet up and water was running everywhere.   Bad boys!!
 Moxy had so much fun having all her cousins here playing..
 Kimber, Moxy's # 1 hole digging buddy...
 At Tarbone Ranch when you come down our driveway you would turn at "cowboy corner".. Well, the fire took out the cowboy,,, so for Christmas.. We got the cowboy back but it didn't come easy.... just wait you'll see!!
 Ry had walked to cowboy corner with us and was playing in the rocks while Hunter and I putting him up.  I showed her our initials carved into the rock and told her Pawpaw did that for me.  She says to me Pawpaw's like a caveman.. they carved on rocks too. LOL

 The walk home.. Hunter & Marti and all the pooches..
Getting ready to fire it up
 Taylor Ken's little footprint.
 That is one good looking turkey?? Tee-hee!
 One diary with lock and key...
 Oh yeah!!
 What a blessed day we all had.  So much to be thankful for.....
 Moxy was so tired from playing all day she couldn't even muster up the strength to stand and play,, So Captain just drug her fat fanny on the floor.. It was pretty funny
 That is a grin from ear to ear... =)
 After most went home we sat down and played cards.. and I had so much fun!! It could be because HUNTER & I WON!!!!!!
 Christmas isn't complete until we watch Christmas Story and National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.. Two tuckered girls!!
 Christmas day we went to Serena's and here is Monica having a little fun with her popping eyeballs cow in one hand and in the other holding Landon's stuffed bull.
 Happy Momma good baby!!! =) Cheers!!
I'd have to say this little guy has grown.. and happy!!
 Serena with Grandma Terri
 All smiles!!
 Serena's Dad and Terri made it down for Christmas "for some reason" Landon?? =)
 Great Grandpa Bill and Landon
 Adam helping Joe out so you're able to read..
 Yes!! UNLV
  I love, love, love getting homemade gifts.  Our son-in-law Adam, made me a ladder to hang quilts or GRANDBABY PICTURES on.... =)

 Took our Christmas tree down today so I could put my picture ladder up.. Looks good huh?
 This is what Tanner & Aly had made for us for Christmas. Don't you just love it!
 Our dear friends and my pickling buddy, gave us this carved buffalo horn  which has a lot of meaning to me.  Because our little burned buffalo who I watch like a hawk is still kicking.  She moves at turtle speed and WILL NOT go around the other buffalo. And in just a few days her name will be January...  Thanks Di.. I love it!!
Packed with the buffalo horn was this beautiful gourd dressed in tanned leather with the memory and future of  prairie grass on Tarbone Ranch.  I love the plains of Oklahoma and our wonderful friends in Hydro, OK.
Once a charred tree from Tarbone Ranch. To the tiny hands of Taylor Ken.. Made from the heart and soul of Pawpaw.. Love you TK.. =)
Love, Love , Love my Christmas runner. Trees made from the loving hands of my sweet friend Karen. Tarbone Ranch has trees of many colors.. Thank you =)
Hunter & Kimber are backed up to the fireplace keeping warm..
Marti telling these two girls she wants to play in the reindeer games. Pretty cute huh?
Hunter showing off a few skills..
Tanner and Captain lying on the floor watching Christmas Vacation.. Tanner wearing his Christmas attire.
Aunt Marti and Uncle Hunter could hardly wait for Taylor Ken to get here so they could play... =)
Taylor is saying to Aunt Marti... My what big blue eyes you have... -=)
Pawpaw bringing smiles to his family..
While Dad is straching off his lottery ticket to see if he has won, Taylor Ken holds his ticket with confidence..
Crap!! I didn't win ether.
Taylor Ken's First Christmas.. Thanks for choosing us little buddy.. We are indeed blessed.

Ready for bad in Tanner's room.  T.K. looks up at all of his Dad's toys and fort flag dreaming of the day he'll get to play with them.
Ry pointing at her necklace that Jason is wearing.
The little girl on this sticker is Rylee.   Tackle the Storm is a non-profit organization that provides rods and reels for kids who have lost theirs in the spring storms. Each sticker set of 2 buys one rod and reel. Click here to donate.
Moxy got Rylee a giant jar of pickles... She loves them,, but Moxy doesn't!
What pretty girls we have!!
This bag is a happy bag..
I love to play with this girl!!
Me, Jason and Rylee.. =)
I love this picture of Hunter and me.
Happy holiday hands.. Let the unwrapping begin!!
Moxy loves when all her cousins come to play.. She'll sleep for days when everyone goes home..
This sweet looking little card is called "paybacks Mom & Dad"   We had to go on a scavenger hunt to find our present... real funny guys!!!
Proud Daddy!
Uncle Jason and Ry holding on to Taylor Ken's little hand.
One happy Pawpaw, Uncle and Cousin..
One pink puckered fish for Rylee.
Before I ever knew Rylee was going to be on a sticker, I had already put this picture of her on the cover of her photo albums.. It was our summer we spent together.. Loved it!
From Ms Brandy.. Baby's first Christmas ornament.  Aly thought it was great!
A photo album that Memaw can fill with grandbaby pictures.. =)
I think Hunter liked his rain jacket.. =)
To see a child's face at Christmas is the best gift of all!! Big and small.
Marti was happy that she got a red scarf.
Yes it says Memaw... =)
I love the Cook Clan.. Our gift from Tanner and Aly..
Anything that has the Eagles on it Jason LOVES!!!!
Opening up reels from Dad.
Ken gave each of the boys a Ken Cook series rod and reel for Christmas. Umm I think they liked it!!!!
Rylee reading her note from db & barb and the check they sent her for modeling in the picture.. AWESOME!!!!!!!
People come in and out of our lives for a reason.  We have some amazing friends in our lives.  DB, you and Barb have touched our lives in so many ways.. Love you always and forever...
You did good Pawpaw!! Me like!!
Here is our first clue to the present... Go to the attic to get your next clue.
Where do keep the Oreos??
Thirsty, check the cool beverages in the fridge? Go to Hunter's room and look at the fan... Then " Oh go back to the living room and see who's here...
Walking into the living room we were laughing.. then there he was COWBOY!!!!!! Hunter & Marti made him for us.  We were so surprised.. It was great. You guys are AWESOME!!! 
Rylee loves her pickles!!!
Little feet dressed for Christmas, held by Pawpaw and Mom's hands.. Life is so precious..
Worn out but happy!!
Words not needed...
My Christmas helpers.. Thanks girls you made it fun!!!