Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moxy Mayflower

Me and Moxy Mayflower...:)
Ken is making twin log bread frames for the cabin.

The fam..:)
Ken and Moxy have the same grin..:)

Life is good at Tarbone Ranch.
Fruit of prickle pear.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tanner's half Ironman 70.3 miles

The night before the big day you always have your ironman meeting. Here's a few of the goodies that you get.
When you have a wonderful wife she knows that the meal you eat the night before is very important for your performance. Aly fixed baked salmon, with pineapple sauce, brown rice, fresh green beans, green salad, with honey rolls. Yummm! Ken and I were smart. We spent the night and ate well.
Tanner's I.D.
I'm not a runner,,,But,, Tanner is trimming the long hair on his legs????
Wet suit for swimming, 1.2 miles, helmet for biking 56.0 miles, shoes for running 13.1 miles.
Tanner's meal..:)

Aly and I made posters and we painted tee-shirts. Go Tanner Go...!! They were so much fun to make....:)
Captain and Moxy ,,,it's all play!!
T's bag and ID number.
We laughed and painted...It was FUN!!!
Aly helping Tanner SHAVE his legs...He had already nicked his knee...Ouch!
Geese in flight. They were mad I suppose, for the swimmers were on "their" beach.
Aly, Stephen, Monica, and Ken watching Tanner in the water.
Sorry, my pictures load out of order.. Tanner leaving the morning of.
Tattooed numbers. (temporary, hopefully)
Mom, sister and wife....Cheer section!!!
Go Tanner Go!!!! :)
Monica and Adam..
Tanner throws us a smile in route....:)

He's still smiling as he runs past me... GO TANNER!!
I like this pic because he and the ironman symbol were one, with Aly cheering him on.
Off the bike,,, to start his run.

Here with Dad and FINISHED....
Half ironman....5 hours and 25 minute ...WOW!!! Tanner we are so PROUD of YOU!!!!!
Aly's Ironman... :)
The finish line is in sight!!!!
Two peas in a pod.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jordon Nichols with his 8x8 bull

I'll have to say that big ole smile, pretty well says it all...:)
Jordon with his Dad Gary give Ken a helping hand when the loading begins.
It was early morning with a light fog bearing down on the mountains. When Jordon made the perfect shot on his first 8x8 elk.
What an amazing animal! What a great hunt with the elk in full bugle here on Tarbone Ranch. There was a long conversation on which elk to take.
Very nice, Jordon... I can think of a number of people who'd love to be in your boots.

Ken's loading friend, New Holland.
Shot placement.. A+