Monday, May 27, 2013

TdM and playing in the creek

 A site that makes me smile.. =)
 Sun protection!
 Hammock happy!
 A site worth getting up for!
 Touching my soul!
 TdM ride!
 Strong and happy!
 Sir buffalo!
 Along the way~

 Raymond was our personal protection! =)
 Aly having fun with her camera.
 Lucky us!
 Ken usually pulls this behind his tractor.. Aly you beast!
 !00% boy!
 Landon watch Dad!
 I workout!
 Landon is now getting in on the action, But... he doesn't want to let go of the tractors. =)
 Ummm dirt!

 Like farther like son
 Pull Taylor!
 Pull Landon!

 Creek time! Tadpoles!
 Teaching them boys about tadpoles.

 Happy happy happy!
 Life is good!
 Love the water!!
 Here I come Momma!
 Teehee Captain!!
May the road lead you to happiness or the Wichita's.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Indeed

 Me with my babies 25 years ago!!
 Mr. Turkey paid us a visit..
 I'm thinking life is good!
 With his shaggy dreadlocks falling off, his summer coat shines thru.
 For Mother's Day, Monica had breakfast for the Mothers. It was wonderful.  Thanks M,  you've become quite an amazing Mom yourself~ Love you!
 Landon and Taylor having homemade cinnamon rolls.. Yummmmm!

 This Mom brings love to my life! So grateful for our life~
 Marti is like fine crystal.. Beautiful!
 Good genes! Beautiful Marti and Karen~ Love to you both~
 This little man pulls my heart strings!!
 Being a Mom never looked so beautiful..But then again you had a good teacher~ Love you 2!!
 Mother's Day what a W O N D E R F U L Day!!!
 Taylor and Landon made this Memaw pretty dang happy happy!!
Where would we be if we didn't have our Mothers guiding us thru life?  This month my Mom has been watching over me from the heavens above for 11 years... Pretty hard to believe.  Now when I see pictures of myself, I've realized I have my Momma's smile and that makes me feel incredibility good. I miss my Mom ~  But now it's each of you who complete me and I'm so grateful for each of you in my life. Happy Mother's Day to you all~