Sunday, July 27, 2014

Playing with Holly and Taylor

 Taylor caught his first fish with Pawpaw! PROUD moment
They were both laughing and giggling. =)

 Then off to the Quarry to swim.
 This little grin had us acting so silly!
 Pawpaw is on the floor playing with his baby girl!
 The flash from my camera is too bright!
 Another little baby showed up! =)
 Momma Marti getting Holly ready for nap time!
 Hey!!! Too much giggling going on!

 Pawpaw getting some Holly Kay Love!
 Tanner, TK and Ken kicked back because it's so HOT OUTSIDE!!
 Went for our morning walk and as you can see the sun was shining brightly on me!
 Hunter and Ken took advantage of the opportunity of being together and went fishing!
Taylor with his bang bang and grasshopper cage.
 Off to the creek we go!
 Helping Pawpaw mend fence!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back to Garrison We Go!

Headed home after being gone for 38 days fishing for smallmouth bass every day.The days we weren't fishing, we were driving. We look forward to this each year. This is our third year of chasing the smallies. Only thing that would have made it more complete would have been if Kevin and Kerry could have joined us in Big Bay de Noc. But because their home was destroyed in the May tornado, they weren't  able to make it. This means we'll have to make up for it next year.

 We traveled back to Garrison in hopes to catching more Mille Lacs beauties.
 Instead, we caught trash fish like this big old toothy, slimy Northern Pike.
 Two spotted lower extremities.
 Every morning has its own special beauty.
 And we're off into the sunrise.
The heavens are breathtaking~
One happy camper, but it's not a keeper. This guy was released!
Meers, Sioux Falls, Mille Lacs, Round Lake, Clearwater Lake, Woman Lake, Little Boy, Mule, Blackwater and Wabedo Lake. Then off to Big Bay de Noc on Lake Michigan. Finished up there and off to Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, FishCreek, Moonlight Bay, Baileys Harbor and  Rowley's Bay. Couldn't get enough of Garrison so we drove back to Mille Lacs and fished some more..Enjoyed meeting people along the way and seeing the ones we have visited before. One of the many reasons I love my life.. Now we're almost home and all I can think about is our Grand-babies big and small! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Door County, WI: Smallmouth Slam 2014

 My life with you is so complete! Most think we're crazy fishing all day, everyday, and all the time.. Yep I guess we are! I feel so blessed in so many ways..I do love my life!
 This day was a 100 fish day!! Have you ever heard the saying.. "One day chicken next day feathers" The day we fished it we saw ((HUNDREDS)) of smallmouths. Went back two days later and caught NOTHING and saw NOTHING!!! Chicken then feathers!
Poor little jighead, getting beat up on the rocks and zebra mussels, then smallie.
 Picture perfect!
 An Amazing place and I can't think of anyone I'd rather share it with then you Ken Cook!! :)
Rainstorm in the distance over Green Bay. It got us later.
Clouds, meet Lake.
His Happy Place!
Key hole.

 Round Gobies. They are an invasive species. Look like a weenie..slow, soft and smallmouth love to eat them!
 It's morning and she is still in bed!
 Shit eatin grin!
 This contraption mows grass growing along the shore and sucks it up to be hauled off.
 Home Land Security!
 The mouth of Sturgeon Bay canal at Lake Michigan.
 Humm? I wonder how we could get a trolling motor on the front??

 My very own ice cream cone!
 Gasper Goo, sheephead, drum. Caught in Rylee's Bay!
 Nap time at the office.
 Cherry trees! Yumm!
Some days I feel like this!
 Being up and out early gives me an appreciation of the life we live.
 Fished around ship wrecks on Lake Michigan.
 My fishing buddies.
 Fish we caught today probably have never been caught before..and you can see why.
 Tired from jumping in the water after her ball.
 Ken guessed this fish was at least 20 years old.. Pretty special place!
I love my ball even when I'm sleeping.