Monday, October 31, 2011

Destry and Di in Hydro

 Only 50 miles away, Ken and I drove up to visit Vernon, Di, Barb, Big Destry, and Destry.
 They live in the land of peanuts or goobers.  This is a drying bin.  Peanuts go into the bins and the Oklahoma wind dries them before going onto the next stage.

 Ken, Di, Des, and Destry
 Des wanted to show us Steve.  I meant to ask why they called him Steve and forgot.
 Steve enjoyed hanging with the boys.
 This made me smile and brought a bunch of boy memories my way.
 Then we were off to the farm where deer and pig hunting was a daily game.
 How does a pig I mean deer eat corn?
 No task is too big.  How much wood can a beaver cut?
 Des and TC wanted Ken to see all the places deer and hogs can hide.
 With the cottonwoods starting to turn colors on the river bottom and the fall sunshine it was a beautiful day to spend with friends.
 One of the deer blinds sitting at the top of the bluff.
 TC, Ken, Di, Destry and Des.  We sure did have a wonderful time hanging with the fam.
Great view of the South Canadian River bottom.

Vernon stayed home to keep the home fires burning while we toured the hunting area. Thanks for sharing your family.
 Di will be having a big Halloween Party at her house tonight for all the kids.  She had this cake made.  They'll have hotdogs, brisket, cakes, puddings, pies and all the fixin's.. What lucky kiddos to have someone who cares so much about them and wanting to make their night a memorable one. Trick or Treat!!
 Her yard is decorated for all the kids to see and have fun..
Ken and I had such a great time.  Thanks for showing us Hydro and the things you love to do.  We are still stuffed from eating so much good food.... =)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Alyson and Tanner waiting on Dec 15th

Becky, Aly's Mom took pictures of the kids.. She took some good one too... =)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Buffalo once again on Tarbone Ranch

 Moxy is watching me  from the front seat of our truck as the buffalo are loaded. They are shaking the truck all around.
Thanks Don and Dede for letting us use your trailer.  Dinner is on us!!
Mt Sheridan, Mt Poco and Tarbone Mountain are on the horizon as we are
releasing the Buffalo on Tarbone Ranch.  What a glorious day...
Tah Da Ke Boom Eek Ka Oop.

 it was raining when Ken opened the trailer door.  I'm backing up as he turned and stared me down...Okay I'll give you space..
The next day, the new herd has settled down on their new home.
As you can see things are starting to turn green.  They are enjoying the sunshine and cooler weather.  We have two mature bulls, one yearlng bull and two pregnant cows.  Or at least we hope the females are mommas with babies...
 Saddle Mtn is peaking up over the horizon.  Tarbone Ranch heals under the hooves of the new bison right where their ancestors called home many moons ago.
Our lone surviving Buffalo, October was in front of the house when we got home from the auction. Some of her wounds looks better, others not so good. It was her right side that was burned. She lost her right eye for sure. Now I see open wounds on her belly.. Days like this when I see different wounds makes my heart ache....Please say a little prayer for her... We bought more buffalo today, I was so excited about her seeing them and having a herd once again..
May the spirit of the buffalo give her the strength to heal and move with the rest.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alyson's Baby Shower

I'm not sure how this picture of Aly and I came out on top but it did and that makes me happy..  Aly you look absolutely beautiful!!  Your glow was shining ever so brightly and for good reason. Love is in the air..
Taylor Ken Cook, you are a loved little boy before you even arrived.  It will only get better..
Aunt Sheila,  Alyson's cousin has started spoiling him already.  OU warm up suit to wear while working out with Dad and Mom... =)  Sheila it was so good to see you.. =)
Nikki and Aly are all smiles. They've been bff's for a while.  An exciting time for both of them.
Taylor Ken, your Momma and Daddy are going to have so much fun putting things away in your bedroom.  Aly, you are so loved... =)

Tara and Alyson
OU BABY!!!!!
Serena, Marti, Kaleen, Monica, Karen and Tara all hosted the shower and Marti's parents house.. Thanks David and Karen for everything.
This was too funny and cute... Pee-pee Teepee!!! They have thought of everything!!

So TRUE!!!!
Christmas will be so much fun!!!
Alyson and her Mom Becky. They look so much alike..
Grandma holding on tight to her babies.
All the wonderful books for everyone to read to Taylor..
The shower party
The nursery rhyme games we played.  I wasn't very good at that game.

Then it was how many squares of toilet paper around Aly's baby belly...
Come to find out she is ten squares of toilet paper around.  Carol and Karen doing the counting.
Fayanne and Serena were all about the nursery rhymes.
Taylor, you're going to have so many clothes from which to choose.
I loved the overalls and buffalo shirt and Auntie Sheila.

Karen quilted Taylor a beautiful baby quilt made from her warm hands and big heart. 

Angie made a tied fleece blanket for him to keep warm and cozy at night... =)
Tara with her Mom.  Two beautiful women.. =)

Serena with Kaydee and Fayeanne...I Loved getting to visit with you... =)
Fayeanne knew what this Cook baby needed for playing... It was Camo!!! 

Auntie Sheila, Auntie Marti and Mommy Aly.... =)

I still have Hunter's and Tanner's crocheted blankets Aunt Angie made over 25 years ago.  Now Taylor will have his own labor of love crocheted blanket.  Love you Sister!

Kaleen and Aly have been bff's for a very long time.  Kaleen shared some funny stories with us about them growing up.

Auntie Marti, you did such an awesome job decorating for Taylor's baby shower.  All your hard work and labor of love were seen thoughout the house.
I have a feeling Taylor is going to be spoiled by his Auntie M.. =)
Toys, books, wagons, trikes, building blocks and toys that were once Marti's and her brother Thomas's
Taylor Ken Cook
Yeah, I really liked this one!!!!  =)  Taylor you are loved by so many.  Everyone is so anxious for your arrival.