Monday, January 31, 2011

A place of honor

Ken finished putting the hippo teeth together. great job too!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A time for change

The wolf is down at eye level now.. This was the best spot for him...:)

A very PROUD bow hunter with his leopard.. What a beautiful cat!
The wart hog I found dead which was killed by Ken's leopard. Lou said it was a really big wart hog.. So we bought him and he came home with the leopard. It took 15 months to get our taxidermy.
After I took the wolf down, it took Moxy a long time before she would get near him. Poor Mox she now looks up and growls, and sleeps with her eyes
I'll have more pictures in a few days...We're working on the hippo now.. Hippos are heavy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Leopard is here and on the wall

Moxy wasn't sure about the leopard. She did not want to get near it!!
Ken's telling her it's okay.
On the wall. I'll take more pictures once I finish decorating the rest of the wall.
Nice mustache sweetie...:)
Hippo teeth.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hunter and Tanner birthday 25

Here Hunter and Tanner are three days old and home from the hospital.
Now fast forward 25 years. Here they are dueling with party horns.
Without knowing they both wore black shirts... Twins??
My, what beautiful girls we have.
I've said this millions of times,, We're blessed with family...:)
When we all come together it's family fun. Serena, Me and Karen.
Ken's birthday is around the corner so Hunter and Marti decided to let him open his present early. Jalapeno pepper popper cooker makes him anxious to try it.. Yum!
Cute birthday cards from Joe and Serena plus a trip to Olive Garden.
Yeah, opening gifts...:)
Yea, and clothing to cheer our OKC Thunder on.
New luggage from David and Karen, which will come in handy for New Orleans.
Stephen and Joe watching the boys rip into the gift bags..
Joe, Serena, Ken and Karen watching the girls light candles.
Tanner and Aly having fun.
Boys with wives.
Happy face!
Tanner's turn reading his card from Joe and Serena.. Cute!
Marti made Hunter's Birthday cake very creative with cupcakes on top..Good too!

Aly made Tanner's cake with a rice crispy kettle bell.. Yumm again!! Our girls are Grrrreat Cooks. In a couple of ways. Hee-hee
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!! :)
Huff and puff and blow your candles out!!
Karen made this BeAuTiFuL apple pie.. Again Yumgood!
Buffalo tacos and all the fixin's.
Party fun!
Silly Rabbit!
Girls laughing and telling stories..:)
My three handsome men..:)
Tanner...Tee Hee!


They'll never grow up completely... I'm so glad!
Hearing laughter through out the house is the sound of music..:)
A gift for David and Karen..
Heidi Hays..:)
Beautiful girls!!
Marti; thanks for planning the party and making everything look like a boys birthday party..:)
Thank you David and Karen for graciously sharing your home with all the family..:)
Marti and Hunter are so happy together...:)
I'm proud of you Ken for pushing thru the pain from your knee replacement and working really hard to be able to walk proudly with your boys and girls.