Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring is in the air

 Ken tossed the coin to either go fishing or go plow.. Good thing he went fishing! This big ole bass weighed 11-6. It's his best Oklahoma b
 Hunter was happy that he was here to go fishing with Dad.  This was the second time that Hunter was with his Dad on getting a trophy.  The last trophy was the Cape Buffalo in Africa.  Pretty cool huh?
 Farmer Cook in his overalls.. I just wish they'd had my good camera.
                                        Right after the fire.

6 months later.

                                  Elk on the three ft tall wheat with a rainbow in the background showing hope for more rain.

 Sunrise on another day of growth. The bull elk is bare-headed too.
 We had just stood my wooden elk back up and our ornery elk knocked them back over.
 After the burn Ken found me this beautiful cactus that survived.  I dug some of it up and brought it to the house to enjoy.
 More cactus!  All the little white spots you see will be a giant pink bloom soon.

 One of our newly planted trees.  This is worth a smile!
 Our tree Hope.  We planted her right after the fire. Now look at her showing off all her new buds.
 Cooling off in the water while growing new antlers.
 Out of here!
 Everyday is a surprise to us.  Wondering what trees are going to bud back out.  Starting from the top with greenery.

 Different colors of green!
 Green briers, weeds and itty bitty oaks popping up.
Where the fire was the hottest the dirt looks so sterile. I'll be curious to see what grows in it's place.
                                       Ken's freshly worked field.  I love the smell of fresh dirt!
After the fire!
And now!
Our plum thicket burned and mostly gone!
 And now!  Right in the middle you can see a few bushes trying to green up! =)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Love my life

 Ft Cobb Striper Hybrid.  NICE!!!!
 Getting ready to disc the fields..
 Love that dirt!
 Elk like playing in the fresh dirt. Crazy elk!
 Much lighter head now.
 He'll be next to loose his antlers.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rylee & Taylor

 Look at ole blue eyes and cheeks!
These two are pretty laid back.  I've got a feeling Pawpaw's lap is starting to look smaller.
 Rylee and Jason trying to get some Taylor love.. But TK was hungry.. =)
 Rylee is going to be handing him back now..
 Ry thinks doing a little dance will have him laughing in no time.  It worked!!!!!
 Pawpaw and Rylee have him laughing now!!  SO SWEET!!!
 Ry has her lap full of happy baby!
Future babysitter!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One down one to go

 Woke up this morning and guess who was standing in front of the house?
 He has lost one side!
 That looks tender!
 Points up laying in the field..
 Marti had the honor of retrieving the elk antler.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Oaks are planted

These 6 gobblers strolled out into a food plot earlier this week. What a great sight'
These two bulls are lounging in their favorite wheat food plot. Hope they shed those antlers right there, soon.
The burned trees are shedding their bark.  Sad!
Tons of robins are migrating through. I bet they find lots of worms after the recent rain.
You looking at me?
Ash clouds still blow with the winds off Tarbone Mountain.
The ground is so sterile in some places, that it will be a while before any thing grows. 
This cardinal is enjoying a handout of corn.
It's amazing how many trees have burned at the bottom and are now falling.
These are the oak tree seedlings we planted today. 50 Shumard and 50 Sawtooth oaks will bear acorns one day, hopefully.
The native watercress is really taking off with the ash nutrients coming down our spring creek.
Hunter the "Soon to be Dr," is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Thanks Son.
This Seedling still has its parent acorn attached. Good job little nut.
This hole of water has a covering of ash from the recent run-off.
We used water from the spring creek to mix with fertilizer to help boost our new seedlings' growth.
This big pecan tree is shedding its old coat of bark. This is the tell tell sign they're dead.
Hopefully, one day this forest will be green again.
Dirty gloves and shed stocking caps.
What the heck is this? Looks like something from a scary movie.
It's the holes left in the ground where the roots of a big dead pecan tree burned out.
This big elm tree is just a stark reminder of its once great self.
Hunter is now planted where the big pecan used to be. New nut tree.
How many years until this forest is green again?????
Ken wrote this blog.. Thanks sweetie!