Monday, October 19, 2015

Holly Kay is Here to PLAY!

 Ken finally got his buck back from the taxidermist. This guy was killed in the fire on Tarbone Ranch 4 years ago. Now he hangs in a place of honor.
 This little sippy cup gal rules the roost in case you didn't notice.
 Memaw keep pulling me!
 Girls drive tractors too!
 Really another trick for a treat? Holly just gives them to me for free.
Kerry made this basket for me and she loves putting it on her head! A little Russian girl
 Batcave Baby!
 Feeding her peeps popcorn!
 Pumpkin painting was fun!
 See I told you ;)
 She loves her some Mox-Mox!
 Whatcha see? Nut-hin, Whatchu see?
 We are going to bring in cacti real soon. My helper for the day!
 M O X Y frog!
 The little belly has a dog head!
 Ride! Memaw RIDE!! Moxy too!
 Guess where we are!  Ms button pusher!

 They have so much fun here..They know exactly where to go!

 She and Pawpaw were spouting out some giggles!

 SO CUTE!!!!!!!! ;)
 She had me laughing so hard! Hunter, Marti you are going to have yourself a wild child. Go faster, Go faster!! More- More!
 Toughing up her little footsies.
 Learning her balance!
 She just keeps blooming!
Everyone is inside now. Mission accomplished!

Hayman Family Hunt

 Happy Anniversary LoveBirds! ;)  Nice shot on the elk too Brad!
 He's all smiles for good reasons. One his little nugget Ms Blake and two his elk.
 This young lady has a good chance to be a huntress one day.

 Ken was very happy with Brad's marksmanship skill. One shot, one kill.
 Ken said he loves it when he can guide a good hunter that can make a heck of a shot! Job well done!
Blake just wants to run her little fingers thru the elk hair..;)
Now tell me you ain't smiling back!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Shoot-em Up Week with the Vessels

 Here's where it all started.
In January we booked a buffalo hunt with Chuck Vessels. He shot a big trophy buffalo. He said then that he was going to have a buffalo coat made. And he did!
It weighs 25 pounds and I think it's absolutely gorgeous!
Now he's back with his 14 year old son Hugh, and they're here to hunt bull elk.
 Chuck is an awesome shooter and took this big 6X6 bull with his .308 MSR.
 A pretty bull in a pretty place, Tarbone Ranch. Hugh was happy to share the hunt with his dad.Then it was Hugh's turn. This big old bull presented a long, difficult shot. Hugh made his dad proud with a one shot kill.
Father and son hunters with father and son "guides". Thanks to Hunter for his help.Not sure who is happier. But Hugh has a bigger grin.Hugh relaxing after a hard day's hunt.
 Chuck is a retired sniper marksman and showed Hunter and Ken some tricks of the shooting trade. It was awesome.
 He let us try out several really tricked out firearms.
 Including the very special double barrel 1911.
 He even had a semi-auto .50 BMG.
 We burned through a LOT of ammo.
 Marti got in on the fun. She is a natural markswoman.
 Hunter behind the .50 BMG.
 Marti going all sniper busting rocks into gravel.
 Family friends forever.
Hugh and Chuck on top of Mt Scott.
 This is the bull that Hugh is taking back to Alabama. Both are in a good place.