Sunday, January 29, 2012

Graham loves buying fishing tackle in America

 Graham is our dear friend from Zimbabwe.  He LOVES fishing and going fishing with Ken at the lake was nice.  But catching a fish with Ken was, as he would say "UNBELIEVABLE" with a British accent.
 Saturday we spent the day in OKC.  This long stride leads up to something spectacular..
 Yesss!!! Bass Pro Shop + Graham = Happy Man
 He was so happy right here.  This was his second Bass Pro shop visit.  He'd already been to the one in Dallas.  He had already purchased an extra giant bag and still managed to fill it up and go over the weight limit.  Not cheap coming to America.
Graham bought fishing reels for both his children back home. A bait caster for Bruce and a spinner for Savanah.

 Checking out with his many bags, but oh what a great time we had... =)

 I can probably count on one hand the number of times my hubby has been to the mall.  Here he sees me taking his picture.  The funny thing is.. We are in Ken's big truck driving up and down the lanes looking for a parking place. It was Saturday. The parking lot is COMPLETELY FULL.  We ended up parking on the grass using four-wheel drive to get up and out.  But he was a good sport and smiled all the way!!!   Maybe because we were going to see the grandbaby soon. LOL
Busted in the MALL!!
What great visit we had with Graham.  A lot of hunting and fishing stories were told..

Monday, January 23, 2012

H&T birthday weekend

This picture was taken on Sunday as the wind was BLOWING down the plain.  At one point you couldn't even see the mountains from all the ash blowing.
Caddy wedged herself beside me while I was getting myself some Taylor love..=)
TeeHee, I love it!  I'm never sure how my pictures will load onto my blog.. But I'm liking this!!
Taylor Ken sound asleep.
Sunday morning Memaw was surrounded by all her blond girls.. =)
Pawpaw has a lot to smile about.
Lindsey is showing off her baby belly.  Did I mention little girl! Little Hunter is laughing at Rylee as they play.
Tanner cracking the numbers to his safe.
Joe is holding Landon and little Hunter isn't quite sure about it.
I was so happy that Thomas, David and Karen made to H&T's birthday party.
We had a house full of family and friends... That's when it's the funnest!
Thanks everyone for coming. You made the birthday a shootin' good time!
Rylee was so good with the babies.  What a big help and she enjoyed holding her nephews.
Jason enjoying the view.
Rylee wasn't letting go of her hippo from Auntie Serena, even if she was sitting in her daddy's lap.
Joe was throwing clay pigeons for Lindsey.  Good shot Lins!
I'm pretty sure the girls held up their end of the bargain. They shot AWESOMEly!! You go Aly!
Jason and Brandy watch as everyone is shooting guns.
Jason and Monica were finishing off doubles being thrown
What a great Pawpaw. He was head thrower.  Thanks Pawpaw.
Birthday boys at full draw! No competition there. HA!
Adam was right there with the rest of them shooting as fast as they could get them thrown. PULL!!!!!
I'm sure Thomas is admiring his little sister Marti, kicking butt and breaking clays.

Here is where the pistols were shot.

Landon is getting very, very sleepy.
Adam was trying out his new"concealed weapon".
Monica was a quick learner, breaking most of her clays.

Jason looks like he might be having FUN!
Brass was flying up and down.
Tanner has his aim on!
Hunter has his hands full!
Hunter is well armed for sure.
Boys will be boys! They love to shoot guns!
Adam with his new pistol!
If you're wondering what this is all about.  For the twins' birthday, Adam made cut out bodies of Hunter and Tanner. Dressed them up and set them up outside for everyone to see.. It was so FUNNY!! Good one Adam!

More fun!

Birthday boys looking pretty happy!
Don't mess with Hunter!
I love these two!
Too funny! The dogs weren't even sure about the H&T cutouts.
The girls love them boys no matter what! Love it!
I love my family!
If this doesn't make you smile, you must be CRAZY!!

Nice!  Adam with his new gun in his handmade scabbards made by his Dad.
Pawpaw you are the absolute best!
Last year H&T got Monica's camera while she wasn't looking and made a bunch of crazy pictures on her camera, only for her to find later... Pay- back son!! Monica had to give her brother's a hard time as well.  Good one M!
Uncle Hunter you're so GOOD!

Taylor is wearing a shirt that reads.  My Aunt is AWESOME! and she is!
Rylee loves playing dress up at MeMaw's and Pawpaw's.
Hunter wanted a knife just like the one Dad has had for about thirty years. Can you tell which one is the new one? Hint: it's the one without the blood.
I love you Moxy Mayflowers!!
Rylee wanted to see her name in the book. She loved all the flowers and butterflies. She said to me "Every page sparkles".  She loved it!  She named her hippo Memaw2..  =) and it was never far from her sight.
When everyone goes home and all gets quiet, it's these two who fill that empty space and loves on TLC.