Saturday, November 28, 2009

Splitting wood

Let's split wood and I'll take your picture.Okay..:)
Hunter and Marti looking happy..:)
What a good looking couple.
Marti shows Hunter how she can split wood..
Go Marti Go!!!
The look of "Don't mess with me".
Marti, Aly, and Monica at Thanksgiving.
Serena cleaning leaves out of her pond.
Ken and Serena..
Pretty fish..:)
This kiss, this kiss...

Friday, November 27, 2009

My surprise birthday party

Ken, my family, and our friends pulled off a surprise birthday party for me,, and boy was I SURPRISED!!Every year on my birthday my dear friend Julie Sanders sends me flowers.. As always, they were BEAUTIFUL...:)
Kerry & Kevin Short, our fishing friends, made me a huge banner that had pictures from the past and a big happy birthday. I even had a banner that read.. You are: Half a Century, 5 Decades, 600 Months, 2600 weeks, 18,262 Days,,, OUCH!!!!!!!!! and OUCH was right..:) I'm so glad y'all were there with me..:)
Aly with her Dad Jeff and Mom Becky was behind the camera taking this picture..Thanks guys..:)
Monica made me this beautiful carrot cake and it was the best!! Thanks sweetie pie..:)
While walking up the steps I realized that Ken had set me up for a BIG SURPRISE. Love you Ken, you're the best..:)
I was so overwhelmed by the surprise, and then to see so many of our friends.. I'm so grateful and blessed with family and friends.
Here we are smiling faces..:)

Ken making a toast.
Don and Dede our "Let's go to the creek and go camping" friends... I love you guys...:)
Hunter and Marti came after Hunter had told me earlier that day he was home in Tulsa studying. Trying to throw me off.. Well it worked...Paybacks Hunter.. Love you both...:)
Monica and Adam. Monica did most all the leg work organizing my party. The beauty of having a daughter and my favorite son in law. More reasons to love my life....:)

Me and Serena. Monica's real Mom, with whom I've shared a lot of my life with. We have hiked many miles together...Love you..:)
Dilon my little buddy.
Billy and Norma McCaghren sitting next to Ken Adamson. More of our Arkansas friends who drove up for my party. That deserves a Heck Yeah...What GREAT friends we have...:)
My beautiful daughter-in-law Aly. Who always has a smile..:)

So kind four candles instead of FIFTY... Thank you!!!!!
Donny and Sherri: we have been friends for a very long time. I was with Sherri when Dilon was born...:) Happy Memories..:)
Tanner had called early that day too. "Mom I'm in the library studying. Sorry I'm not going to see you today". Well surprise!!! I'm one lucky Mom..:)
Hunter and Marti,, pretty sneaky guys..:)
Monica was reading my birthday cards to me... Well I didn't have my reading glasses..;(
Kerry and Kevin laughing with friends.. Thanks for coming your'e the BEST...:)
Bradly and Dawn Hallman were right there with the rest of them.. Surprising me.. Thanks so much for coming. And for those who don't know Dawn is having a baby in April and just found out it's a BOY!!! YEAH!!!
Joe and Serena looking pretty happy about keeping it all a big secret..:)
This is when I'm the happiest is when we have our family all together. How blessed we are.

What a day... Thank you to everyone you have touched my life forever. I will be telling my grandkids about this very day and all my beautiful friends...:)
I love you Ken always and forever...Thank you..:) TLC

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mountain Fog

Mountain Fog.

Something to talk about

It was so nice to have our friends and family here for my surprise birthday party. Thanks,,, We have the greatest friends.
Me and Norma hanging out.
Adamson trying a snooze.

Sure hope your sitting down.. I've asked Ken for 27 years to shave his beard so I could see what he looks like.. Well here he is..:) he is growing it back Starting NOW!! His choice by the way.

So far my one and only birthday picture with the family. More to come soon. Thanks to Becky:)
Adamson came to visit us over the weekend. They are watching the deer in front of the house.
Billy and Norma were also a part of the party. Norma putting a sneak on the deer.