Monday, February 25, 2013

I hear the rain~

 Saturday morning view.
 Mox and I off for a hike. =)
 Spring hole.

 Still peeling and healing.
 Reflecting...easy to do while hiking.. =)
 Monday morning rain.. Thanks you rain Gods!
 Pure gold!
 Raining now with more to come.. They say blizzard condition after 12:00.  Bring it!
My spineless prickly pear waiting to be planted.
 ken took this with his iphone so it's not the best quality..But them specks of brown are elk. A BUNCH of elk in the slick hills!
Fill our ponds, wet our crops, cleanse the woods and fill it will life...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Landon and the spatula

This little guy was very busy while he was here. Riding Mr. Ed was on his to do list!
He's watched his Daddy enough times he knew how this worked.. =)

Mr. Ed and Landon. See his spatula?
Best Pawpaw ever!
Landon thought so too!
Into the toy basket.
Giggles! Love that sound~
Who needs water to play in Memaw's bathtub..
Moxy loves them boys!
Best friends~

Almost nap time. I'm not sure why but both boys like this spatula??
My two side kicks ready to have some fun!
Wichita Mountain visitor center. Spatula in hand!

He liked all the animals but wasn't too sure about all the sounds.

Love this little man!  What does an elk say???
Wow, all the bones!
He liked feeling the eggs and the fur.

What pretty butterflies~

We did have fun.  We went to prairie dog town but not a single dog was out... Tooo COLD!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Taylor & Moxy

 Marti & Hunter's flower pots from Laredo.
 Marti fixed us a wonderful meal for Valentine's Day.  Thanks guys!
 Yes Taylor, Pawpaw is the best fisherman of all and then KVD.  Dreaming of fishing!
 You are one handsome Pawpaw!!
 Taylor chasing Pawpaw!

Pawpaw chasing back!!
 Guess who's at my house?
 Exercising with Mr Ed!

 Stinking Cute!!
 Start em early with Julio's!!
 Curls & long eyelashes~

 Step for step!
 Reminds me of Tanner and Hunter when they were this age.
 Wrapped around his finger.
 Trying out his new weenie roaster from Tanner and Aly.
 Di, Destry, Des, Taylor and Ken.  Enjoyed the visit so much!
 play play play!

 Plumb cute!
 Moxy and Taylor always playing.  Moxy you are the BEST DOG EVER!!
 Watching you!
 We had so much fun playing!
 Taylor was calling the elk.  The elk were in the front yard earlier.
 He does love the outdoors best!
 Happy, Happy, Happy!
 The smallest things bring the most joy~
 Catching bubbles! Not sure which one had the most fun.
 He wouldn't take his shoes off.  It's almost dark and my window was covered with little hand prints and he still wanted to go outside and play.
I love my life!  Thank you~