Saturday, June 26, 2010

Water, Sun, Fun

Sami and Rylee excited about going to whitewater.
When kids are home,,big and small,,We have to play dress up... Too Funny!!
Girls at any age play dress-up!
A lot of giggling going on.

Kaylee, Rylee, and Sami
Jordan and Monica might have been 11 and 13 the first time I took them to whitewater with the boys. Now look at them,,just a tadd older.

Bathing beauties..
Nice one Tanner!!
Hold on Jordan!!
All hands and feet..;)
Go Monica!
Jordan fishing on ET
Ken, Moxy, Angie and Jordan having some fishing fun!
Rylee, Kaylee and Sami..:) We had FUN!!!
Sunrise on Ellsworth. Beeeeautiful!
Jordan was very happy that she caught a lot of fish.

Jordan laying in the hammock reading and watching the elk in the background.

Moxy likes the water now!!
Elk laying in the front yard!! Get!! Get!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hunter and Marti's wedding day

The Happy couple in the limo.
Jason with his number one girl,, Rylee...;)
Joe, Serena, Me, Ken, Angie and George.
Joe, Serena, Me, Ken, Jill, Angie and George.
Again here with Jordan and Monica
Inside the limo
Uncle Jack and Aunt Mary.
George dancing with Rylee and Sami.
Joe and Serena
Rylee and Sami
A toast to the Happy Couple!
Jordan, Aly, Monica and Adam
Marti with friends and bride maids.
Hunter and Marti's garter.
Serena, Me and Jill
We found Angie now picture complete.
Tanner, Nick, Aaron and Jay
Me and Aly
Me and my sweetie.
True Love!
First dance as H&W
Me and Dede
Grandpa Hays cuttin a rug
Don and Dede Armes
Cutting the bridal cake
Now exchanging chocolate strawberries.
The grooms cake. Monica made it too.

Hap hap happy

So Beeeautiful!!

The Hays famiy
David, Karen, Marti and Hunter

Thomas with the happy couple

Rylee getting a hg from Aunt Marti

Karen waiting

Hunter holding back tears. His first look at Marti

Angie with her Mom

David giving away his daughter.


Blast from the past and Blessing to the future.
Jordan and Monica
George and Jordan
Serena and George