Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holly Kay makes the day

 Ken and his brother Keith.
 Grandma Karen
 Kimber photo bombs the family picture!
 My little chicklet!
 Pawpaw realizes how precious life is and how fast it goes by. My heart~
 This little nugget melts my heart!


Sweetness from head to toe~

I have a lot to learn about my new camera. Most of the pictures I took I had my setting on RAW and my software doesn't support Raw imanges. ;(

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bruce and Shon's Elk Hunt

 The mornings started with a beautiful sunrise.
 The elk seemed to know what was up. They were very skittish. But not skittish enough to escape their determination to succeed.
 The second day, we found this bull hiding out in some very heavy cover.
 Bruce made a perfect shot with his .45-90 Sharps.
 This management bull will make a great European mount for his wall.
  The gun he used was hand made by his friend, Shon.

 Smiles are scarce, but well worth the effort.
 Shon took this big cow later in the afternoon.
 He also used a gun of his own making.
 Thankfully, this animal fell at the edge of the jungle making for an easier recovery.
These two are life long friends enjoying a hunting trip together.
 Ken was amazed at the craftsmanship in this rifle.
 If you look closely, you'll see that this is a LEFT handed Sharps made by Shon.
More amazing craftsmanship in Bruce's gun.
 Another of Shon's custom guns. A flintlock rifle.
 Not your ordinary firearm.

 Spring loaded patch box.
 They shot Ken's silhouette targets at 200 and 300 yds with these rifles. Hit them both multiple times. Amazing.
 This is Shon's left handed Sharps. All custom made in his Shop: Eychaner Gun Works.
Loaded with black powder, these guns shoot extremely well. One shot kills on both elk.
Shon uses walnut from Missouri that he harvests himself for these amazing works of gun art.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

She's here! Clara Lou Cook

 Taylor, Memaw and Clara~ Life is good!
 One Proud Pawpaw~
 Hunter was working at the hospital when Clara was born. She met her Uncle Hunter with her eyes open~ We got to see Hunter in his work environment. Very impressive.
 Feeling very blessed~ She was given my middle name. What an honor. It made my eyes leak even more. 
 No words needed~
 I get emotional when I see this picture. My Mom and Dad were so crazy for our boys; their grandsons. Now I understand that feeling..This is for you Mom and Dad and the other Grandparents smiling down~ Pure Love~
 Mom and baby are doing well. Both very happy~
 Sweet precious moments~
So happy for you all~ Your life is even more beautiful now~

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Maria and Billy Castro Buffalo Hunt

 It's time to sight in the guns. Maria had a new AR-10 modern sporting rifle.
 Maria showing she has a good eye and steady hands to make the kill shot.
 She took down this big ole beast. Ken figured the cow weighed about 1500 pounds.

First time buffalo hunter Maria Castro shot her first buffalo.
 All smiles after a good hunt.
 Great Job Maria! I know Billy was proud of you! Now you get to take this buff back to Texas and prepare it for your family.
Pretty cool shot with the Oklahoma Mountains looming in the background . ;)
This is how the Castro's roll when you're taking it back and butchering it yourself.  Sure did enjoy our visit! You two are AWESOME!!! ;) and Thank-you!