Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alan and Sheila

 Gene, Ken, Alan and Jim.  Great friends!
 Helping Sheila fix breakfast.
 Ken found mulberry trees to show Sheila. She'd never had mulberries.  I think she's hooked now!
 She had a shower curtain left over and gave it to me to make a valance for my windows in the cabin.  Nice!
 Good morning from the Grand 80!
 Gene, Alan and Ken have studied fisheries all their lives. Each has carved out a living in and around fish.  We heard a lot of great stories from them this weekend.
Loving life about now!
 Tanner and Aly's anniversary is in a couple of days. We stopped by and spent the night so they could go out on the town.  Geez how we love this little guy!
 Yes I'm cute!
 See the mouse trap next to Aly's flower pots?  The reason is the next picture.
 Captain now knows to leave the flowers alone!
 Taylor has one new tooth on bottom
 He likes PAWPAW's finger to suck on.
 Love you to the moon and back!
 Guess who wants inside!
 Taylor can hold his own bottle now!
The picture is blurry but he can hold his bottle.. =)
 Angie got me this lined bag with my name on it, because she loves me... =) and I'm spoiled!
Fish tales being told!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dr. Hunter D Cook D.O.

 Marti had Hunter a cake made for his graduation dinner celebration.  Very yummy!
 At Hunter's favorite restaurant in Tulsa: El Tequila.
 Ken made both boys an antler with their names and degrees on them.
 Two happy campers!
 Taylor is checking out the Mexican food.
 Monica and Landon getting their smiles on.
 Taylor laying in Tanner's lap daydreaming about his future.
 The family of Dr. Cook.. =)
 Thomas, Karen and David ready for graduation.
 There were almost 100 Doctorates awarded this day at the OSU Health Science Center graduation.
 Dr. Hunter D. Cook was our favorite.
 Landon laying on Pawpaw arm while Pawpaw's BassMaster Classic ring twinkles in the background.
 Looks like they might be a little happy!
 Hunter with some of his friends.. All looking pretty happy!
 Life is good, and about to get better!
 Happy girls to have hubbies graduated now.
 Love it!
 A happy bunch of new Drs. and their better halves.
 Taylor and Tanner wanted in on some of Uncle Hunter's action.
 Taylor is sporting Uncle Hunter's cap. =)
 The Fam!  So proud of you Hunter!
 Hunter with nephews Taylor and Landon and Monica and Tanner.
 Dad was beside himself with pride, also two tall Drs. I guess it's a pair-o-dox.
 A very proud Dad!
 David, Karen, Marti, Hunter and Thomas. What a great support team.
 Marti and Thomas with new Dr. Cook.
 Finally all that hard work has paid off.
 I'm feeling pretty short, but oh so PROUD!
 This kiss this kiss!
 Dad was proud of Hunter's medal from OSU.
 David holding Landon and Tanner holding Taylor.
 Hunter found the AC vent and cooling off.  =)
 David was happy to hold Landon for a while.. =)
The girls hanging with the graduate. What great smiles.