Monday, October 28, 2013

I say lets play!!

Taylor starts bugling like an elk and I look outside and low and behold we have an elk!
 You want the ball? Go chase the elk!
 I'm loving mac and cheese!
 Fall days!
 Tarbone Ranch~
 Colors are getting brighter!

 Moxy says "you have my ball"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 He's claimed my water bottle!
 Umm still that's "MY BALL"!!
 I could get really wet...So I did!
 Trail mix. Mmmmm
 Goobers Goobers I love Goobers!

 Ride! He'd ride all day!! =)
 Move it Mox Mox!
 The sumac is beautiful thru the dead standing timber..
 Playing in Pawpaw's field!
 Captain thinks he has found something here??
 Last week Pawpaw rebuilt his shootin' house.
 Loading up Pawpaw in the boat!
 My little goober head.. He filled his pockets full of peanuts.
 HAHHAH! Lemon!!!!
 Mox Mox ball~

 Loading firewood.. I mean TK!
 Big helper, at least one of these days.

 Funday on the water!
 Fishing buddies!

 He had so much fun! Water Water Water!!!

 Race boat driver.

 Sun and grandson.

 I love you Pawpaw!
 After a day on the lake our bellies were growling for food so off to the Old Plantation. Yumm!
 He ordered Steak and potatoes, sweet potatoes.
 Big yellow duck!

Going home after a beautiful fall day with my two favorite peeps.. Pawpaw and Taylor~

Saturday, October 26, 2013