Friday, August 24, 2012

Taylor likes pears

 Look who growing!
 Pawpaw was sharing his pear with Taylor Ken and HE LOVED IT!
 One word! CUTE!
 Mom & Dad!
 Grambe's eyes! Beautiful!

 More play!

 Moxy is such a good sport..
My what along tongue you have Moxy??

 Cousin Landon came to visit Taylor

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where the buffalo roam

 Happy Sunflower~

 Broom weed will grow when nothing else will.
 Poke salad
 Tarbone peeking over the horizon.
 Buffalo dusting~
 I love my Momma~

 August, has put on weight and getting around pretty well.  Next month will be one year since the fire so her name will then stay September.  She has my heart for sure~
 Dusting will keep the horse flies off and they just love the dirt.

 Two year old bull.
 I love our home and the land it sits on~

As time passes things begin to heal.  We need rain  to make things grow...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Landon wants to walk

 Super HERO! I can fly with the help of Pawpaw..
 Happa, Happa, Happa!
 Someday Lando!
 See what new knees can do.. =)
Momma's boy!
 Moxy wants his toy!

 Wants to walk?  LANDON!
Moxy's has a buddy to play with.. =)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nice to be home

 Ken mixing his own seasoning for blackening the red snapper he'll be fixing for lunch.
 Good Morning from our deck!
 He pulls my heart strings!
What a nice surprise when we got home to see antlers growing from some of the only bucks left.
 Pawpaw smiles big when he has Taylor.
 Helping Hunter and Marti get rocks for the flower beds at their new home..
 Even Taylor was in on the action.
 Who's happier?
 Velvet will be peeling off and bugling will began!
 Where the buffalo roam on Tarbone.
 Ken took this pic of the buffalo eye!! Very cool!
 Next month will be one year since our buffalo was burned.  This is her today... Thanks for all the healing thoughts.. It's working!
 Sling shots, Ken's brother carved from cedar.. AMAZING!!! By the way he is selling them if anyone is interested in one of a kind sling shots.
 Happy boy!
Uncle Hunter!