Friday, July 26, 2013

Smallmouth in Mille Lacs last leg

 Who is that man behind that smallmouth and them Costa Del Mars? 
 Catching smallmouths and tiger stripes from fishing all day.
 The beauty of Mille Lacs!
 Okay....This is Ken's second 5 pounder he has caught. And they're pretty hard to come by. I've set the camera up to take our picture.  because we did catch them at the same time and as you can see I cut our heads off and all you can see of Moxy is her butt.  Sorry sweetie I really wanted it to turn out. It's still pretty funny you have to admit!
 My 4+ on a senko.
 Crazy colored crawdads!
 Sunday was an expectational day for me which is rare especially when you're fishing behind KC. I caught four smallmouths that weighed around 18 pounds total. I was happy happy.
 Caught a leech.
 Dan was able to break away and come fish with Ken at Mille Lacs.  They had such a great time. I'm so glad he stuck around and had venison tacos with us. A lot of fish stories told and the sweet sound of laughter... I loved every minute of it. Next time Mac and Megan too!
 So last year we thought the open wounds were caused from the bass chasing crawfish under rocks.  Well it's not! They have what is called "Fish Lice"
You can see them here next to Ken finger. If we saw them on the fish we scraped them off.
Close up of them. Fish Lice.
 Moxy is checking out his catch.
 We wanted a picture of both of us but the wind was blowing so hard this is what we got instead. And yes one of them is mine!!!
 Life is good!
 I've been told. "All good things must come to an end"??? NO! We just switch course and sail home~  Wouldn't trade my life for anything! So grateful. So thankful, so happy and still dreaming, everyday.. BECAUSE?? Dreams do come true! Love to you all~
We left home June 10th we figured we were gone for 48 days. We fished 42days. Six of those days were spent driving. Which means it was to late in the evening when we arrived at the next lake to fish.. Yes we’re crazy about chasing them smallies! Estimated total catch 1,680. Life is good!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pokegama, Woman and Mule Lakes

 It's raining it's pouring and we're still going fishing... =) after lunch..
 We were glad to have a campground near the lake's edge. Really, that was the only good thing about this campground. The owners were not friendly at all. Worst one we have ever stayed in.
First bite on Mule Lake, the biggest one of many that day.
  The one and only smallmouth from Woman Lake.
 Campsite at Pokegama.  Could not get out of here fast enough. The camper you see next to us had a child they charged them an extra $25 a day for the kid... The owners says to me "I don't like kids!"  WOW!!!!!!! I can't even wrap my brain around that one.  Then the owner tells me she didn't like bass fisherman. I said "We are bass fisherman." =(
 We caught many species. This is a Yellow Perch
 Rock Bass are a pretty sunfish.
 Smallmouth. Didn't catch a lot of 'em on Pokegama, but they were pretty big.
 Northern Pike. It's a small one, but pretty colors.
 Black Squirrel. We didn't catch him, but we saw him a couple times.
 Largemouth bass. We caught a lot of these on Pokegama on topwater. That was fun
 Bluegill, silly fish.
 We woke up Monday morning and realized we had a leak in the camper. The closet was soaked a long with all of our shoes and linens and all my Patrick McManus books. =(  We finally got everything dried out. Here is Ken on top of the camper resealing the seams that had cracked from the sun. Ahhh small bump, to our happy happy life!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lake Vermillion

 Cool looking rock from our shore lunch site on Lake Superior.
 Superior feather~
 Many colored rocks from shore lunch site.
 Kerry this is for you. It is a baked pie with beef, potatoes, onions and rutabaga we were told.
 I did it! We stopped and had a pasty. Pronounce Pass-Tee so they said..
 Long nose. =)
 Lake Superior with my favorite beach spot looming in the background.
 KC's spinnerbait bass.
 Cormorant nesting and stinky!
Yup! That's right largemouth at Vermillion.
 This is how they get their dock structures out of harm's way from the ice in winter.
 So we get the bright idea that we're going to catch crawdads by using bacon on a hook.  Well to say the least, it worked!

 The results: I had one. Too much work for so little meat. So he feasts! Been watching too many "Survivor" shows.
 The color of the smallmouths here was amazing.  True Vermillion in color.
 Paper wasp nest.  Pretty sure it was empty, but didn't want to find out!
 Mayfly hatch!
 To the max a million!
 Fish weren't biting all that well so I took pictures. Just enjoy~

 Ice houses for when the lake freezes over. My lens wasn't wide enough to get them all.

 This one had the best cheek bars ever. Small mouth, big body.

 Huff and Puff hill! No seriously, they had a sign, but I missed it on camera.
 Birch trees. What they make the canoes from.
 I guess we are pretty spoiled. When you're used to catching 50-75 smallmouths a day, some days even 100. Maybe catching 15-25 a day at Vermillion.  Well, we both know it's time to move on down the road.