Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend and Tour de Meers

 Monica and Landon registering for the Tour de Meers.
 Rylee's first ride. So PROUD of her! Thanks fam, you mean the world to me for all you do.
Love my family and how they help support our fire department.
Yes I'm smiling too!
Yes I'm a Happy Memaw! Rylee's first ride! While Aly is pulling Taylor,  Adam is pulling Landon and Tanner and Monica are riding a longer distance.
Adam and Landon.
Aly and Taylor. She is also pregnant with another grandbaby..kudos to her! 
Hi =)
Here they come!
See them little faces peaking out!

These two are my sunshine! This is Landon's third year to ride in the Tour de Meers.. Pretty cool huh?
Pawpaw is manning the first rest stop and the BEST rest stop!

The golden wheat is beautiful!

Coyote crossed the road while I was taking pictures of the cyclists.
I can't help it. I think where we live is beautiful!

My Grand-babies! Now I know how my Mom and Dad felt... HaPpY!
Monica had them painting and having fun!
Focused on his art!
Meee to!
Love my girl!
Rylee enjoys painting most all the time~
Tanner: you're so handsome!
Let's drive our trucks here!
Yeah! You could say I'm REAL HAPPY!
Rain is a good thing!
Sun on the mountains~
Ken was also the last rest stop and here he is helping out a cyclist fix a flat tire.
Watching as they build Rylee's tree house.

 Oh what fun we'll have in this big ole tree!
Dinner bell!

 Playing in the mud and being boys!!! They were so funny!

Zip line happiness! No she didn't hit the tree. =)
 Rylee made a flag for her treehouse. Custom zip-line to boot! Happy Birthday Rylee !!!!!!
 Tanner and Adam caught 2 centipede's and put them in a jar. Woke up the next morning to 1 centipede. This guy was the winner!
My Mothers day from Hunter, Marti and Holly.. AWESOME huh?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Beau and Kayla Cotton Gin Wedding

Beau's grandparents
 Before Rehearsal dinner..
 Rehearse dinner
 Family came from near and far!

 Kayla all smiles!
Makes me happy when I can wear my boots to a Wedding!!! YeeHaw! 
Love you Beau and Kayla!! Thanks for such a FUN WEDDING!!
So handsome!

Angie and Beau!
The rag quit Angie made for Beau and Kayla~
His side of the reception room~
The old cotton gin.
Angie with her Mom~
Beau..Mr. crafty. He made the ice chest out of an old frig..=)

Instead of trying to remember everyone names..I'm just going to say enjoy our Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom~

Kayla's Mom Joyce~
Kayla's Dad and family spent day and night trying to get the Cotton Gin just right for his sweet girl!

Beau's Dad and wife.

Angie and George

The flower girl~

Beau's sister Jordan~


I love this kiddo!

Me and my sweets!
Friends for 33 years! We had our boys together! Pretty special!

My favorite!