Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Life on Tarbone Ranch

 Jon and Henrietta were determined to FILL their freezer(s).
 So, they took down two bison. That should do it.
 Camo is always the preferred clothing pattern. Off to hunt coyotes he goes.
 Setup for success.
He is happiest with some success. This big bobcat will eat no more turkeys/fawns.
He took coyotes down in bunches.
Home on Tarbone.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

 What a great buffalo hunt we had here on Tarbone Ranch. Chuck has left a lasting impression on all of us. 
 He had what Ken called the "Coolest gun yet", a 50 Alaskan made by the gun-guys at Wild West Guns in Alaska. Took this bull down with one shot, but it got an extra for good measure.
 I do know we are looking forward to him bringing his family back this fall for an elk hunt and sharing more of his awesome stories and guns with us.
 He brought a Barrett 50 BMG along for fun shooting. It is beast.
 Ken and Joe both enjoyed busting up a log on the Ranch.
The shooting continued with other fun guns from our deck. The gongs took a beating.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Holly Kay makes our day

 My little princess!
 Breakfast with the fam.
Yumm finally Memaw's Mac & Cheese!
 Moxy says really? How many times are you going to pull her?
 A deer makes this sound!
 It's not a corvette Memaw?
 I want this baby's passy!
 She blinked!
 But I can't get this fish in here?
 We want in and I want out!
 I love the rocking chair!
 I swiped Memaw's phone and took a couple of SELFIES!!! Ya smiling yet?

 Yeah I love my Pawpaw.
 Heads or two tails?
 Mox Mox you're in my way!
 I was just trying to take a nap Memaw! ;)

Teehee she's  mine!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tanner and Aly at Amarillo and Bringing TK back to Tarbone

 I'm really ashamed that I didn't take more pictures of Tanner and Aly's new home in Amarillo. It's beautiful! Taylor loves his new room, backyard and his race car track. =)
 Big backyard for Taylor to play! It also came with a Captain size (not Moxy size) doggy door. He's so happy!
 They figured Tanner has this nice built-in grill and smoker..If he's going to live in TX he needs to learn to smoke ribs. So Tanner and Aly treated us to ribs with the help of Pawpaw's Oklahoma Rib Smokin' Ways. ;)

Great ribs by Tanner and Pawpaw.You have my vote on goodness!
 Pawpaw and TK going to run the trap line.
 Bye Memaw! Going to go shoot coyotes!
 A bunch of cotton fields between here and there.
 I love this smiling face! What a wonderful supportive wife, the BEST MOMMA, who brings sunshine to this Memaw's life~
 Tanner asked where we wanted to eat and I said Authentic Mexican please! He delivered too! Bracero's it was the best!
 5 degrees outside we all still had our coats on! But our bellies got warm!!! oxox
 Now just tell me isn't that smile worthy! ;)
 Taylor loves his little sister! "Memaw she has poopy diapers".. ;)
 Aly took me to Blue Sky Burgers and she had to show off the hand washer.
 Which was my first to ever see. Pretty cool though!
 Memaw's Mac and Cheese is the best!
 Moxy knew that Kristen was a sucker for hairy dogs! xoox
 My view this morning was a bit foggy.
 He told me he sleeps better in Memaw's bed.  They all do! ;)
 Moxy not too far away for nap time!
 We played! We built farms, put puzzles together. He talked Pawpaw into blowing up ?? a whole bunch of balloons. We rubbed them on Moxy and made them stick on all her hair. We rubbed balloons  on our heads and made our hair stand up. Yeah we had fun!
 We laughed A LOT!
 He used to tell me "let's go to the button place".. Now he can say Visitor Center..where he can push buttons as many times as he wants.
 He runs thru it knowing where everything is at. Numerous times!
 Never fails, Baby Fawn Memaw!

 Very grateful for having the Visitors  Center so close on the days it's too cold to go outside. "Buff a row".

 The Prairie Dogs are always a big hit!
 We don't eat worms!

 We had to cut firewood! TK helped!
 Ice on the mountain and a 1/2 inch of rain and not snow!
 Wood stacked! Pawpaw you are the best Sawyer!
 Toes curled eating oranges! He ate a lot of oranges!
 My inspiration to get my "BOTTOM not BUTT Memaw", back rowing!
 Jason, Brandy and Rylee got me this AWESOME stool for Christmas and it's serving its purpose.
 Pawpaw fixed TK a tackle box. Stinky worms!
 Hide and Seek!
 TK has his Daddy's tick for Tanner freckle. ;)
 Moxy went with us to take TK back to Texas..Not the play day she was hoping for.
Met Aly and Clara in Memphis, TX. They were happy to have Taylor back. Clara looked like she had grown a foot already. Looking in the rear you little buddy until next time..xoox
 Memaw's mountains back in sight.
 Home on the horizon!